Service providers harness the power of mobility in the field

With the rapid shift towards mobile devices, field service workers have substantially more power at their fingertips.

Gone are the days of noting down appointments and customer queries in notebooks and calling in to the office on a regular basis to stay connected with what’s happening in the business.  Field service providers now have the opportunity to empower their workers with smart phones and even smarter technology, to work more effectively out in the field.



In an industry where service is the difference between winning and losing and where mobile workers are the face of your business,  it is crucial that they do their role to the best of their ability.  Field service workers abilities can be affected by the tools and timeliness of information available to them.  Allocating the job to the right worker in the first place is just as important.

Customers expect a high level of service and more often than not, will abandon a service provider if the service is inadequate, regardless of the final invoice. The reason why customer satisfaction directly affects bottom line profitability is quite simple and is well known: it costs far less to retain a happy client than it does to find a new client.  Businesses that have been successful retaining the business of their loyal clients have shown over time to consistently increase profits from their client base. The impact of customer loyalty is impossible to overlook.

Achieving a high level of customer service can be difficult when managing mobile workers

Many factors can contribute to how your customers evaluate the service they receive.  Keeping your customers updated, workers arriving on time, bringing the right equipment to the job and having the right skills to get the job done right the first time, are all very important criteria.  Often workers show up at jobs with little or no information on the job and customers generally have no idea what time to expect them.

Mobile workers need to have the right training and tools at their disposal to provide customers with field-service excellence.

With field service management software, many elements of great customer service can be automated, somewhat reducing your reliance on your workers.  Job information can be shared with workers via their mobile device.  For example, if a customer has complained in the past, the worker can be advised ahead of time in the job details they receive when they are sent the job.  The worker can then ensure extra care and attention to detail is given to this customer and improve the customer’s satisfaction levels with the business.  Automated updates and ETA alerts can even be sent to the customer before the worker arrives.   Real time communication is invaluable to customers and service providers.  Additional information can be collected and stored which can be referred to in future service calls.



Mobility can play an important part in your business.

Mobile devices and field service management software make a powerful combination that can take an ordinary business to extraordinary.  With improved communication between workers and customers, improved team collaboration, data sharing and integration with existing business systems, a field service provider can take their business to the next level.


Mobility graphic 2

Cloud based software enables service providers to use mobility at the core of their business.  Workers can create new jobs and manage workflow easily in the field, with data and updates flowing back to the office automatically.  Real time mapping of jobs and worker locations can help dispatchers make smarter dispatching decisions and reduce company fuel costs.




Job updates can be shared automatically with office based workers and more information can be stored on customer files as work progresses.  Crucial reporting can be done and analysed based on customer, type of jobs, worker performance and more – all helping business owners make important decisions affecting business growth.

Ultimately, having a mobility strategy will result in significant improvements in customer experience, worker empowerment and team collaboration – which in turn will result long term customer retention and sustained profitability.



Hit the Pause Button to Put a Job on Hold

Another handy feature we have recently  introduced on vWork is Pause job.  This means you can now pause any job that has started and stop the system from recording the duration of the job until the worker is ready to resume.

Pause job removes the potential for charging a customer for time not spent actual working on their job.   If your worker has arrived at the customer’s location and has completed the first step but needs to take a phone call or they need to leave for an urgent appointment, they can simply hit pause job.

Rather than billing a customer for time not spent on their job or trying to approximate the time they were away from the job, select Pause job and the job counter will stop recording the job duration. When they are ready to resume, they can simply select Unpause and the job duration will start again.

Administrators and Dispatchers can also pause a job from the Schedule and then Unpause when you want the User to continue with the job.

For full details on how to pause a job,  please visit our helpdesk.

Introducing New User Permissions Functionality

We have just released a number of improvements to vWork User permissions for Customized Quotes or Jobs. This new functionality allows you to change certain settings within a User profile so that you can decide what information you want your users to see.

You will now be able to set read only permissions for certain users, limit user’s access to job scheduling e.g. remove their ability to edit the schedule and even block certain information such as invoices.

New user permissions screen

User Permissions which you can define by user.


This new functionality means more secure job information for your business; protecting sensitive information such as invoice amount and removing the possibility of worker’s deleting or incorrectly changing job details.

For full information on how these new permissions work and how they may affect your current set-up, please visit our helpdesk for webapp permissions or mobile permissions.

If you need help with customising your permissions for workers, feel free to get in touch, we would be more than happy to help you.