Advanced Job Search is Here with vWork.


You now have the ability to use advanced search terms as below on the vWork Jobs and Schedule page.

This enables powerful detailed search when combined together.

In the vWork Jobs Search Box you can:

  • Type AND between all the words you want to search: dog AND London AND Cat
  • Put exact words in quotes: “rat terrier”
  • Type OR between all the words you want: miniature OR standard
  • Put NOT just before words you don’t want: NOT rodent, NOT “Jack Russell”
  • Put parenthesis around words you want to separate: (Horse OR Donkey) NOT cow

We have a much more detailed How To article here if you need more information.

vWork Makes the Move to Amazon Web Services

Built to scale






vWork continues to grow we need to ensure that our technology stack continues to grow as well, ensuring the performance and availability that you deserve.

We have just recently moved to a new hosting provider. From the 3rd of October 2015, we have shifted our technical infrastructure to Amazon Web Services.
Amazon offers us better uptime, faster performance and the ability to dynamically add more servers in a matter of minutes if load increases. All ensuring you a better experience when using vWork.

Some amazing Amazon Web Services statistics are:

  • Used by Netflix, AirBNB, Nokia, IMDB and Yelp
  • Estimated at over 3 million physical servers
  • Over 30 Global Datacenters

This was a large project for the team and we are happy to have completed this on time with minimal disruption or issues. Our Project, I.T. and testings teams did a great job.
We are now seeing around 50% faster in response time for the website and we are excited to be able to ramp up the server power during our peak times.

Amazon web services is generally known as a Faster, more agile and Secure service for web apps.
vWork your mobile workforce platform is more future proof than ever with this change.

For more technical detail on how Amazon Web Services enhances the vWork infrastructure, check out this article

New vWork Help Center

We have just recently overhauled our Support Help Center.

This is now live at

Our Design team worked closely with our Support team to make the new site easy to navigate and clean while also showing the most common questions and help articles.

We are also continually tweaking and adding sections and help articles and have been updating old articles to include all of our new features.

The new design and structure has a focus on:

  • Search
  • Surfacing relevant and popular help articles.
  • Getting help relevant to your company role (dispatch, mobile etc)
  • More visual help articles

vWork Help Center