Accelerate Your Customer Experience With Our New Live View ETA Alert !

Customers have no idea when workers will show up, the customer experience is broken.

We wanted to cut down the back and forth communication and allow full transparency on when your customers job will get done, or their delivery will arrive.

We looked at our current ETA alert and took it to the next level with an optional live view. This means your customer can get an automated link to a live map of your worker and the job location.
In addition to this, with our updated ETA alert you also can include your workers contact details so any scheduling conversations don’t have to go through the dispatcher.
Our updated ETA alert email will also include your company’s branding and graphics so there is no mistake in whom the communication is coming from.

To streamline your customer experience, set this up on your account and give it a try today.
Follow the steps in the  help and setup article here.

Phone live view ETA

emailed ETA alert















Keep up to date with vWork Shift On/Off

Shift On/Off, the new feature from vWork, is available now.  Your mobile workers can now easily signal whether they are available or unavailable for jobs via their smart phone.

A dispatcher can now see if a worker is ‘on shift’ (and available for assignments) or not, all through the job schedule. This provides much more visibility and flexibility, especially with a workforce that may operate with varying schedules.
Your clients are better informed from the get-go, which only improves their experience.

For the worker, Shift On/Off can be used when taking a lunch break or other personal time, possibly relieving their stress around normal circumstances, and making it easier for them to manage their day.

Shift On/Off comes with some handy extra options:

  • Shift reporting so you can run time-sheets on shift times if needed.
  • Quick “shift off” times, a simple way for a worker to indicate the time that they are having off from that moment.
  • Custom “shift off” times for personal holidays or other.
  • Dispatchers can override the Shift On/Off notification, if need be.

Shift On/Off can be turned on in your vWork settings now.

If you would like more detail please refer to our overview help article or specific to Apple or Android devices.

Shift off - AndroidIMG_0028

Get your Customers to do it all with our New Self Service Portal !

Good news! We have just updated the vWork Customer Portal with lots of new features and improvements.

Customer PortalOur customer portal has helped many businesses by putting the power into the customer’s hands, so they can book their own jobs in vWork. Now we have taken that a step further with the ability to track and alert on their jobs, plus adding many more features making the self service experience a delight, with minimal effort for your business.

What have we just updated ?

  • The look and feel of the portal has been improved to make it more useable on mobile devices. Great as the world’s customers shift to booking from their phones.
  • Your customers will now be able to add a requested start time when creating a job. If they do, the job will appear on your dispatch schedule in the workbench. It is then up to your dispatchers to decide who can do that job and when.
  • Your customers will now be able to search for specific jobs. This makes it much easier for your returning customers.
  • There has been a help section added to assist new portal users.
  • You can now give customers the ability to see their jobs on a map (and if a worker is on the way, they can see the worker’s location as well). This is true real time job tracking. No more calls about how far away is the worker.
  • You can now setup your portal so that customers can view, download and print their invoices. This takes even one more step out of the already streamlined billing process.
  • You can enable portal job alerts so that customers can choose to subscribe to email or SMS alerts for jobs being scheduled, jobs starting and jobs finishing. Once again your customer can choose the level of detail they need about the job.
  • You can setup your portal to reflect your preset business hours when customers are requesting a start time. This way you can choose to only have jobs booked when your workers are available.
  • You can now setup your portal as a “private”portal so that only users you invite can login.
  • Finally, you can now setup your users so that they can only see the templates relevant to them. This gives you even more granular permissions that you can set, tailoring the experience for your different customers and their needs.

With these new portal features, the admin overhead of organising multiple jobs just got a lot smaller.
If you are already using our portal for your customers we encourage you to open up some of these new features and let your customers know that they have ultimate control over the work they need plus the flow of information around that work.

Portal MapIf you are not using the portal jump into your settings and turn it on today, this means less work and more free time for your business so you can concentrate on growing and improving.