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vWork Route Optimization

11 May 2017

Save time, fuel and automate your dispatch decisions with our new Enterprise feature.

The Problem
Time is money for transport firms. Trucks and staff are expensive, so inefficient deployment costs real money and stops you taking on more paying work. This means less revenue and more costs.

The Solution

The vWork online optimisation tool matches delivery schedules against capacity and constraints to build the most efficient schedules. This means you can do more work in less time, or with fewer trucks.

Key Benefits
The vWork optimisation tool takes into account driver’s hours, skills, locations and available capacity to create a set of routes that accomplishes the most amount of work in the least possible time. Applicaton is simple, simply draw a fence around jobs on the map and select your resources – the tool does the rest.
Operators can also use it to work out how to use less trucks or workers to fulfil a given set of work in a defined timeframe. Usage so far has indicated typical efficiency gains of around 20%.

Use of the vWork optimisation tool will reduce fuel usage, increase efficiency, and reduce the amount of time dispatchers spend planning routes and runs and assigning jobs to vehicles.

Route Optimization

Control the release of your jobs to your mobile workforce.

3 May 2017

When do you want your mobile workers to receive their jobs? immediately, or on the day of the job?
With vWork you can now control this to suit your business.

Our new controlled job release feature lets you choose to have your jobs show on the workers phones immediately, on the day of the work or any other custom time.
This keeps mobile schedules clear and reduces upcoming jobs getting delayed to the next day or later.

Controlled release
If this new feature could help your business workflow, jump into your vWork settings page and try it today.

New Job Fields Available

2 May 2017

As part of our Health & Safety update we have added 3 new job fields to streamline and give you more options in a job.

The 3 New field types are listed below:

1. Section Header – This is a collapsable title you can give to your job fields. Your workers can easily collapse this to make it easier to work with long detailed jobs. You can also now use this to separate job fields into sections.

2. Signature – You can now add as many signature fields to a job as you like. These can be set as required fields and they also can be used to trigger alerts.

3. Multi Value Picklists – These new picklists fields allow your workers to choose 1 or more or all selections on a picklist giving greater flexibility with picklist job fields.

With the addition of these new job fields we have added flexibility and improved the organization and scope of what you can achieve with a vWork job.

If you would like detailed information on these new Job fields please take a look at the help article here.

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