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ETA Alerts in vWork – Save Time and Connect

2 December 2015

Imagine not having to call or field calls from customers relating to ETAs for workers.

Use the vWork ETA Alert to update and connect with your customer.

Our vWork Alerts or event notifications are emails or texts that get sent out when a certain event is triggered.

One of our more advanced alerts is the ETA alert. A good example of an ETA alert would be when a mobile worker hits the “en route” or “on my way” job step on their phone, the customer will get an email or text letting them know how far away in travel time the worker is.
This uses directions from google maps, so includes things like traffic and time of day!

The ETA Alert is a real time, job specific, accurate measure. So your customer can better plan their day.
You can even customize the email so it includes things like images and details from the job, the customer’s name and details plus other helpful information.

Other alerts like our Job start reminder can even allow your customer to postpone a job if something has come up. We have a very detailed article on ETA alerts here and vWork alerting in general here.

Our job alerts can be very powerful tools to help you connect with your customer.

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