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Keep up to date with vWork Shift On/Off

22 January 2016

Shift On/Off, the new feature from vWork, is available now.  Your mobile workers can now easily signal whether they are available or unavailable for jobs via their smart phone.

A dispatcher can now see if a worker is ‘on shift’ (and available for assignments) or not, all through the job schedule. This provides much more visibility and flexibility, especially with a workforce that may operate with varying schedules.
Your clients are better informed from the get-go, which only improves their experience.

For the worker, Shift On/Off can be used when taking a lunch break or other personal time, possibly relieving their stress around normal circumstances, and making it easier for them to manage their day.

Shift On/Off comes with some handy extra options:

  • Shift reporting so you can run time-sheets on shift times if needed.
  • Quick “shift off” times, a simple way for a worker to indicate the time that they are having off from that moment.
  • Custom “shift off” times for personal holidays or other.
  • Dispatchers can override the Shift On/Off notification, if need be.

Shift On/Off can be turned on in your vWork settings now.

If you would like more detail please refer to our overview help article or specific to Apple or Android devices.

Shift off - AndroidIMG_0028

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