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Accelerate Your Customer Experience With Our New Live View ETA Alert !

22 March 2016

Customers have no idea when workers will show up, the customer experience is broken.

We wanted to cut down the back and forth communication and allow full transparency on when your customers job will get done, or their delivery will arrive.

We looked at our current ETA alert and took it to the next level with an optional live view. This means your customer can get an automated link to a live map of your worker and the job location.
In addition to this, with our updated ETA alert you also can include your workers contact details so any scheduling conversations don’t have to go through the dispatcher.
Our updated ETA alert email will also include your company’s branding and graphics so there is no mistake in whom the communication is coming from.

To streamline your customer experience, set this up on your account and give it a try today.
Follow the steps in the  help and setup article here.

Phone live view ETA

emailed ETA alert

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