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Send Jobs to Subcontractors with Affiliate vWork Accounts.

12 August 2016

vWork Affiliate accounts

In this increasingly connected world, Businesses sharing and collaborating on their respective specialties allows you to always say yes to a customer. We have now built this ability into vWork.

You can now pass jobs back and forth between different vWork accounts. We call this new feature Affiliates.
This lets subcontractors completed parts of a job, or the whole job and your business (as the owner of the job) can track and view the status of the job.

This is an enterprise feature and requires at least 1 vWork enterprise account and 1 vWork business account.
We give your business the ability to pass and receive jobs from as many other vWork accounts as you wish.

We also allow jobs to be passed to another subcontractor, then another and so on, all with visibility on the job status and progress.

You control what the subcontractor sees and what level of permission they have. For more detail on permissions and how to set this up please dive into these detailed help articles.

vWork affiliates

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