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In 1983 Motorola released the DynaTAC 8000x. This phone, which is sometimes referred to as “The Brick,” was the first FCC-approved commercial handheld cell phone. It cost $3,995, stored 30 phone numbers, and needed to be charged every eight hours. Oh yeah, and it took a full ten hours to recharge.

Today’s cell phones don’t usually take 10 hours to charge. But today’s phones often have dozens of features such as large, bright screens; 4G and/or Wi-Fi connectivity; GPS, applications, and more. Each of these features taxes the phone’s battery little by little.

Android phones, like many of today’s phones, lose battery life quickly due to their large numbers of features. Below are some tips for sustaining the battery life of Android phones.

Advice from around the Web

How to maximize battery life on your Android phone or tablet
Author: Mike Dunn

Mike says, “Almost everything about Android phones is getting bigger and better. The screens, processors, and antennas are larger and faster but one thing just can’t keep up with the rest – the battery. Batteries are being taxed further and further with all of these new technologies, and they haven’t quite caught up.”

He has the following advice:

Apps – Having multiple apps all running at once uses up your battery quickly. Turn off the apps that you aren’t using. To do this, go into your settings and tap “Applications” then tap “Manage applications.” Here you can see which apps are running. Tap the app you want to stop running, then tap “stop.”

Power control – Phones using Android version 2.1 or newer have a widget called “Power control,” which allows you to turn off GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and sync all at once. Turning these four features off could save a lot of battery power.

4G – Newer phones have a switch to turn the 4G antennae off, which uses a lot of battery power when on.


Improve Your Android Phone’s Battery Life
Authors: PJ Jacobowitz and Jamie Lendino

The authors of this article state that today’s phones lose battery life due to “thinner designs with less room for the battery, larger screens, faster processors, software that runs in the background, and power-hungry GPS chips … The move to 3G and 4G networks has also taken its toll.”

The authors have the following advice:

Adobe Flash – Change your phone’s settings so that Adobe Flash only runs when told to do so. To change these settings, go to your browser and tap the menu button. Then go to Settings, Enable Plug-ins and set this to On Demand.

Apps – The authors recommend keeping your apps updated because some of the newer versions of apps use less battery power than older versions. To make sure your apps are updated, go to your Market app, then tap the menu, then go to My Apps.

Microsoft Exchange – If you use Microsoft Exchange for emails, the authors of the article recommend keeping your email folder size below 150 MB. To check the size of your email folder, go to Outlook, then right-click your Inbox, then go to Properties > General > Folder Size. You can archive or delete emails to reduce the size of this email folder.

Screen brightness – The authors recommend setting your Android’s screen brightness to adjust automatically according to your environment. You can go here to get a quick tutorial on setting your screen’s brightness.

Messaging apps – The authors say “this is a big one” regarding saving battery life:  Messaging apps such as Twitter, Facebook and email require lots of battery juice. You can set these apps to only pull data manually, which will save a lot of battery power.


How to Get Better Battery Life and Performance on Your Android Phone with a New Kernel
Author: Whitson Gordon

Image credit: recommends installing a third party kernel. He says that “a kernel in an operating system—in this case Android—is the component responsible for helping your applications communicate with your hardware.”

He also says “flashing a new kernel is one of the best ways to improve your phone’s performance, battery life, and even add some saucy new features.” Read the article, which is linked above, to learn more about installing a third party kernel.


Complete Guide to Maximizing Your Android Phone’s Battery Life
Author: The Geek

I highly recommend checking this page out. The author of this article has tons of pictures and advice for saving your Android’s battery.

One piece of his advice is to see what exactly is eating up your Android’s battery. To do this, go to your Settings, then About Phone > Battery Use. The image below is from his article.

Image credit:

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