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Who We Are

vWork is a cloud based, mobile workforce management solution that is designed to improve the customer experience, increase staff efficiency, and promote health and safety for mobile workers in the field. We have over 130 customers in many different markets and they range in size from single man companies to large enterprises.

We are a small team based in Newmarket, there are currently 15 of us. It’s a casual atmosphere and a relatively flat structure. Friday afternoons may involve a BBQ, a few beers and brainstorming on how to improve the product.

We are not coders for hire, our sole focus is on improving vWork every day and selling it around the world. We set our own roadmap based on customer feedback and market analysis.

What We do

We design, build, test, host, sell, and support one SaaS product, vWork. This consists of a RESTful API, and a web app, as well as native mobile apps for Android and iOS. Everything is done in house, nothing is outsourced to third party developers. (Although we do rely on a range of 3rd party services where we can.)

The technologies we use and love include: Ruby, Rails, Javascript, CSS3, React, Java, Postgres, Cassandra, Solr, Chef, Jenkins, etc.

We currently operate in an Agile like environment with multiple releases per week. Our IT, development, and test teams work closely to deliver all the services our customers (and the business) require to be able to keep up with this process while making sure we also do what’s best in the long term.

We are now looking to add more resource to the IT team.

Who We Need

In 2016, Forbes offered a great description of this role, “A great DevOps engineer is a company changer. They ensure the system is running smoothly and being monitored, and they can respond to issues as they arise. The DevOps engineer ensures that your developers are never doing repetitive tasks, and that the infrastructure is kept up to date as the stack evolves. As processes change and the company grows, the DevOps engineer automates as much as possible to accelerate work. Because of DevOps, developers can focus on their core work so you can deliver products earlier and more reliably.”

We are looking for a dev ops engineer with a few years experience under their belt who can help us improve our existing systems and ensure that we have a solid foundation in place for the growth we expect in the coming years.

All of our production environments are hosted by AWS, and are configured for high availability, all critical services are distributed across multiple availability zones. We use Jenkins, Chef, Cloudformation and Github to achieve this.

We are looking to grow the team and need someone who can help us move faster and not break things. Ideally you have a few years experience under your belt in either a systems engineering or Dev Ops role. You are comfortable coding in Ruby and are comfortable operating AWS via the commandline/API. You like hard challenges and are not phased when asked to move outside your comfort zone.

You are comfortable working in collaborative, cross-functional and self-managing teams of extremely capable developers, where your judgement, opinion and insights will be required to ensure continuous improvement is possible.

Working hours are fairly flexible, but we have a daily standup at 10am that is set in stone. We are looking for a full time, permanent staff member.

Join Us

Please email your CV to Applicants must be NZ Citizens or Residents.