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Executive Summary

With around 30 employees, Dwyer Plumbing Corp covers plumbing, heating, and cooling services. Frustrated with the daily challenges of running a business with complex job management and around 24 technicians and sales managers out in the field, they searched for a viable solution.

Director of Operations, Nathaniel Cochran needed a solution to reduce labour intensive processes. Crucial requirements were real-time visibility of where workers are located, easy job scheduling and dispatching using mapping and automated process.


Dwyer Plumbing Corp is a family owned and operated plumbing business in Northern Virginia, USA. They faced the daily challenge of running a business with complex job management with a high volume of calls (peak days they serve upto 70 callouts) with 24 mobile workers including Sales Managers and delivery men/apprentices.

They needed a sophisticated yet simple to use tool to manage job scheduling and dispatching providing real-time visibility of worker locations and job information back to the office.

Before vWork, the main system they used was GeoOp which they found too unstable. "It was very buggy, with lots of server time-outs and unavailability. GeoOp became too unreliable to trust with the operations of a business that runs 24/7/365" reported Cochran.

After 17 months they made the call to find an alternative. "Our key requirements were how long the product been around for, what the ability to handle high volumes would be, customizability and price. We considered a few options; Jobber, Razorsync, Synchroteam and vWork."

Key results

Savings of $57,000 per annum due to removal of Full Time Dispatcher.

The ability to see all jobs and employees on a map in real-time.

Revenue is up around 16% cash basis for past fiscal year to date (March 2015).

Technicians spend significantly less time in traffic.

Gas costs are down due to more efficient routing of technicians closest to the call out.

After an intensive 18 months of searching, they made the decision to go with vWork

The team are now able to give customers up to date information about their timetable.

Support and usability of the product were all deemed excellent.

Accurate reporting on how long a technician was on site.

Technicians quickly saw vWork as a huge improvement.

Easy forward planning as job scheduling can now be done weeks in advance.

Technicians can run more calls in a day by driving shorter distances.

Dispatching is reported as relatively painless...

"We selected vWork because it is a mature product with very responsive developers and a large customer base. The user interface is very clean and it has an intuitive process. One of the key things that attracted us to vWork is the support and usability of the product. We were able to get started with a very easy setup. After a screen sharing demo and a few emails, we were away importing customer data and setting up mobile users."

Nathaniel and his team can now tell if certain jobs weren’t completed on the first visit and why. They can identify what the issues and required on-site repairs were, as well as the final billing amount collected and the method of payment.


There were very few usability questions. Customers love that we have a much quicker response time and are able to more accurately estimate when we’ll be able to arrive.

Nathaniel Cochran
Director of Operations

It was previously impossible to quickly and accurately determine how many calls we could schedule weeks in advance.

Nathaniel Cochran
Director of Operations

Since implementing vWork, we have spent less time figuring out when and where we are going and more time figuring out how we can better serve our customers and work on acquiring new ones.

Nathaniel Cochran
Director of Operations