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Executive Summary

“One of the things we guarantee is if we say the kids are going to get their lunch, they get their lunch,” says Kris Teale, whose job title, Manager of Everything, typifies the can-do attitude of everyone involved in the organisation. A key part of Kris’ role is ensuring outbound logistics for all buy and give lunches. Eat My Lunch is a social enterprise – a business created to further a social purpose in a financially viable and stable way. The business proposition is beautifully simple: for every lunch bought Eat My Lunch gives a lunch to a kiwi kid in need.

“As a social enterprise our growth needs to be sustainable,” says Teale. “We don’t rely on donations. Our business model has to work and it has to tightly support our social goal.”

It is estimated that over 25,000 New Zealand children arrive at school each day without a packed lunch, or the money to purchase one. “That is a big number and the team at Eat My Lunch is committed to changing it. Our objective is to ensure no children go to school hungry,” says Teale.

And it is everyday Kiwis, together with vWork’s technology smarts, that are helping Eat My Lunch steadily chip away at its goal. Eat My Lunch has a team of 37 employees working alongside volunteers who help make and deliver the Give lunches.

“A really special part of our philosophy is that we welcome everyone who wants to play a part, says Teale.

Key Results

3000 Lunches delivered a day

Optimised runs save time and money.

Real-time visualisation of delivery and statuses.

APi integration automates deliveries.

Key Facts

However it’s not only about making lunches, there is also a massive logistical aspect, which is where vWork plays a vital role.

When it first launched, Eat my Lunch knew that its dispatch procedures could make or break its business model.

“If we couldn’t guarantee delivery, faith in the business would be irreparably damaged. But at the start scheduling lunch deliveries was a “monumental task,” says Teale. “Scheduling was a completely manual process. Each new order had to be plugged into the run sheet as it came in, which invariably meant we had to redo the whole delivery schedule. It was hard to update on the fly and we couldn’t get good visibility of the entire process,” says Teale.

Realising it needed a better solution Eat My Lunch turned to vWork, a mobile scheduling engine that promised to give the company an automated and up-to-date visualisation of the delivery run, as well as improved communications between all delivery drivers and the dispatch team back at Eat My Lunch HQ. On any one day, Eat My Lunch can typically deliver 1200 Buy lunches to customers, plus another 1800 Give lunches to school children.

“It’s a demanding workload that requires laser sharp scheduling if everyone is to receive their lunch by the assigned time of 12.30pm,” say Teale.

Adding a new delivery now occurs automatically thanks to a vWork API that connects Eat My lunch’s ordering system to the vWork scheduling software. “We use vWork to do all the data optimisation. It has a dedicated module that automatically assigns meals to the right driver and sets the delivery order, ensuring all the lunches are delivered on time.


When we launched we knew our dispatch processes would make or break our business model. vWork is critical to the laser sharp scheduling we need to deliver on time every time.

Michael Meredith and Lisa King
Eat My Lunch Founders

Our numbers have blown beyond belief and I think I would have been hiding under the table if vWork hadn’t come to our rescue.

Kris Teale
Manager of Everything, Eat My Lunch

It’s a demanding workload that requires laser sharp scheduling if everyone is to receive their lunch by the assigned time of 12.30pm.

Kris Teale
Manager of Everything, Eat My Lunch