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vWork App
vWork App


Enable your workers in the field to record accidents or incidents as they happen. You can define what these events look like and they can then alert your team in real-time.


Dispatchers and workers can identify and record hazards on a job. Workers will not be able to complete the job until they acknowledge the identified hazards.


You can add specific tags to your workers, jobs and templates. This will prevent your dispatchers from assigning jobs to workers that do not have the required qualifications.

Unlock the key reasons open spaces management needs field service management software

Unlock the key reasons open spaces management needs field service management software

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vWork's Operation Tools Top Features

  • Automate your Health & Safety procedures

    Customizable to suit your business, no matter what industry.

  • Improve worker safety with simple to use software

    vWork Health & Safety ensures workers are qualified, compliant and safe.

  • Easliy capture Health & Safety information in the field

    And allows companies to know where their staff are at any time.

  • Pre-populate jobs with known hazards

    vWork identifies hazards, incidents and accidents then triggers alerts to managers.

  • Ensure only the workers with the correct qualifications get the job

    No more costly mistakes such as sending an unqualified worker to the job.

  • Make Health & Safety a mandatory part of each and every job

    Your workforce’s safety is paramount, make sure your Health & Safety proceures are followed.

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We went with vWork as it offered easy integration with Xero, it is Mac friendly and has a modern looking design. It’s easy to use and has wicked support!

Eva Klassen
Co-Owner, Winnipeg

There were very few usability questions. Customers love that we have a much quicker response time and are able to more accurately estimate when we’ll be able to arrive.

Nathaniel Cochran
Director of Operations

An automatic dispatching system is crucial for our business. Customer calls for assistance can be handled in one third of the time compared to a manual dispatch method.

Don Rubie
National Network Manager

Before vWork, we only had manual systems to project manage the workflow for multiple clients. These were very admin heavy and time consuming.

Zephyr Brown
Operations Manager