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Delivery management is all about logistics -- the who, where and when. With vWork you have all essential delivery management functions, automated for maximum efficiency and reliability.

Our delivery management software, created for non-technical users, gives you comprehensive coverage of scheduling and dispatch, finance, mobility and other mission-critical tasks. It also integrates smoothly with your existing systems -- Salesforce, Quickbooks, Xero and many others.

Schedule & Dispatch

  • Real time speed and direction. The system shows you every delivery vehicles location, speed and distance on a map in real time so you will make the best command decisions.
  • Destination mapping and directions. Don’t waste time or travel costs on the road. VWork gives you the critical information you need to minimize travel costs with GPS mapping of the quickest routes.
  • Job scheduling. Plan your delivery management schedule out for as far in the future as you need -- or just concentrate on today.
  • “Everything in one place” workbench. See the entire picture in front of you at all times -- open jobs, workers who need jobs, scheduling gaps and all the information you need to optimise your delivery management workflow.


  • Automated quote and invoice processes. Set the system to deliver quotes and invoicing your way. Delivery workers can complete quotes in the field for instant email approval, and invoices are quickly created and delivered.
  • Import customers. Easily populate the system with automatic CSV exports of customer lists from existing systems and spreadsheet software.

There were very few usability questions. Customers love that we have a much quicker response time and are able to more accurately estimate when we’ll be able to arrive.

Nathaniel Cochran
Director of Operations - Dwyer Plumbing

It was previously impossible to quickly and accurately determine how many calls we could schedule weeks in advance.

Nathaniel Cochran
Director of Operations - Dwyer Plumbing

Since implementing vWork, we have spent less time figuring out when and where we are going and more time figuring out how we can better serve our customers and work on acquiring new ones.

Nathaniel Cochran
Director of Operations - Dwyer Plumbing