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vWork is a web based scheduling and dispatch platform engineered to be effective in a variety of on-demand industry applications.

Such systems benefit not only the customer, but you -- find out who your most reliable, efficient and profitable workers are, and who’s alienating your customers and costing you business.

The vWork platform is designed specifically for the non-technical user. It’s highly intuitive, uses easy drag and drop functions, and can be very quickly learned.

vWork’s on-demand scheduling and dispatch software offers many advantages to any on-demand business:

Workflow is managed in real time.

  • Never forget to allocate a job and never overlook a worker in the field. All information is on your screen and updated in real time.
  • Assigning on-demand jobs is as easy as drag and drop.
  • Jobs can be assigned to multiple workers, with instant notifications sent to the others when one accepts.
  • Auto Decline automatically reassigns a job if a worker doesn’t accept within a specified time limit.
  • All pending jobs are displayed at a glance.
  • All job statuses are updated in real time across the entire system.
  • GPS tracking maps all workers on the road and all open jobs, with real time speed and direction, for you to make the best command decisions considering time, distance, fuel costs and traffic.

Workers are truly 100% mobile.

  • The system is fully functional on phones.
  • Free in-app messaging puts you in constant communication.
  • Jobs can be created, allocated, accepted or declined in the field.
  • All customer data can be captured in the field including legal signatures.
  • Customized templates show your on-demand workers exactly what information they need for each job.

Quoting and invoicing functions are automated.

  • Never forget to invoice or quote again with automatic emailing to customers.
  • Accepting quotes automatically creates jobs in the system.
  • The vWork platform syncs smoothly with most back office and accounting systems such as Xero, Salesforce and Quickbooks.

There were very few usability questions. Customers love that we have a much quicker response time and are able to more accurately estimate when we’ll be able to arrive.

Nathaniel Cochran
Director of Operations - Dwyer Plumbing

It was previously impossible to quickly and accurately determine how many calls we could schedule weeks in advance.

Nathaniel Cochran
Director of Operations - Dwyer Plumbing

Since implementing vWork, we have spent less time figuring out when and where we are going and more time figuring out how we can better serve our customers and work on acquiring new ones.

Nathaniel Cochran
Director of Operations - Dwyer Plumbing