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Improve service, manage safety and automate tasks


Job software for mobile workers

vWork's cloud-based job scheduling and dispatch software is designed for a wide range of mobile workers. It connects and simplifies dispatch and technician operations giving you the productivity gains you want.

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Customers with mobile workers and technicians

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Automate more and grow your business

Manage mobile jobs better

Customize to your business
Templated workflows, customized tags, branded portals for customers to self-book servicing and more.

Schedule and dispatch jobs easily
Drag and drop scheduling for jobs. Use smart rule-based fields to set repeating jobs once and never miss a beat on contracts.

Automate OH+S and compliance needs
Undertake risk assessments, complete safety analysis, adhere to safe work procedures and follow predefined compliance checklists. Make mandatory if required.

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Do it once - do it right

Everything at your fingertips 
Easy-to-use apps give mobile workers everything they need to succeed - job data, proof of delivery and get directions to the next job.

Seamless job updates
As dispatchers change the job schedule in the office, workers in the field are notified seamlessly. The in-app messaging means your workers/technicians and dispatchers are in contact when it matters.


Optimize your entire operation

Automate tasks when you can
Reporting, job confirmation emails, repeat job scheduling and more are all easily automated for increased productivity.

Integrations for seamless operations
Be up and running in hours using our integration for your accounting package for faster invoicing or use our proven API for specific business tools.

Pull IoT sensor data for predictive maintenance
Get ahead of competitors by automating job scheduling based on IoT sensor data using our API.

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Making the case for digitizing job management

Learn more about how to better management your mobile worker job scheduling and dispatch 

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“The level of customization within vWork is extensive – we could tailor it to about 40 different job types... (it) is so accurate, we can automate tasks such as pricing and operation management easily.”

Adrian Casey, CTO and co-founder, Swyft Energy

“We have doubled sales in the last year without the need to double operational staff. We’ve achieved this by having vWork work alongside our own commerce platform.”

Adrian Casey, CTO and co-founder, Swyft Energy

"After starting to use vWork, our dispatching team were managing their workload in less time than before - infact they were 60% more efficient."


Murray Corps, General Manager, Rockgas Taranaki

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