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Job dispatch software for crane and operated plant rental

Maximize equipment use, make better dispatch decisions and stop using outdated paper job sheets.

vWork is cloud-based job scheduling software designed for crane and operated plant rental businesses. It connects and simplifies dispatch operations maximizing the profitability of heavy-duty hire companies. 

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Fits in exactly with your business

Customize to your processes
Templated workflows, tailored health & safety, branded portals and more.

Schedule and dispatch jobs easily
Drag and drop scheduling for jobs, operators, equipment and sites. 

Manage equipment and people
Manage the rental of cranes, excavators, bulldozers and their operators for maximum use.  Record each job's start time accurately to invoice in full.

Worker and equipment allocated to jobs
Health & safety  

Health and safety on every job
Incorporate your health and safety processes into every job, from pre-start checks to complex onsite checks.

Communications layer
Keep everyone informed of the job requirements, including any site specific safety policies.

Send alerts
Emails and text messages keep everyone informed if there are job changes or when plant and operators are due on site.

Partner for today and tomorrow

Plays well with your business tools
Mature API makes it super easy to integrate with existing business tools. Or use our integrations for Xero, MYOB and Quickbooks (and more).

Built for growth
And when you're ready to expand into new markets or verticals, vWork scales easily with you.

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“Looking back I can’t believe what a transformation vWork is making. We can now spend more time connecting with our customers and understanding their needs. This new level of connection is really powerful.”

Scott McLeod, Managing Director, McLeod Cranes

“vWork really is backbone technology for us. We’re growing - and knowing that we have adopted software that is not only easy-to-use but highly configurable means that we’ve chosen a software partner, that can support us whatever direction we take."

Paul Harrison, General Manager, Elevate Crane Truck Services

"After starting to use vWork, our dispatching team were managing their workload in less time than before - in fact they were 60% more efficient."

Murray Corps, General Manager, Rockgas Taranaki

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