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Take the heavy lifting out of transport job scheduling

Maximize truck utilization, make better dispatch decisions and stop using outdated systems.

vWork is cloud-based job scheduling software designed for bulk transport businesses. It improves the scheduling decisions of businesses that transport goods and materials around the country.

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Run at full utilization

Customize to your processes
Templated workflows, tailored health & safety and more that fit perfectly with how you run your business.

Schedule and dispatch jobs easily
Drag and drop scheduling for jobs, drivers, trucks and more.

Map view of jobs
Manage resources and jobs from single screen, including a live map view.

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Better fleet efficiency

Route optimisation
Set daily routes in a fraction of the time across simple and multi-stop routes. Improve fleet efficiency and reduce fuel consumption.

Send automated email and text alerts with ETA and load information to delivery sites to reduce driver downtime.


Fits in with how you run your business

Plays well with your business tools
Seamlessly integrate with existing technology and tools.

Real time data for up-to-date reports
Pull real time data from vWork into your DIFOT  reports and dashboards.

e-Proof of delivery
Move from paper proof of delivery to electronic options like photos and sign on glass.



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“Looking back I can’t believe what a transformation vWork is making. We can now spend more time connecting with our customers and understanding their needs. This new level of connection is really powerful.”

Scott McLeod, Managing Director, McLeod Cranes

“Time is huge for us. We’ve definitely become more efficient using vWork. Dispatchers are proactive job planners, as opposed to being extremely reactive. And it’s great to see how vWork has increased truck utilization across the fleet. We’re more than happy with the result.”

Mike McCarthy, McCarthy Transport


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