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Written by vWork
on June 21, 2021

Customers are the lifeblood of all businesses. And that’s why are delighted to launch three-way SMS messaging capability within our software - so that you can build stronger relationships with the people that matter most to you. 

Introducing our three-way in-app messaging capability

Being able to have a three-way SMS conversation in our vWork app with customers when they engage with your text messages is critical when undertaking field jobs or deliveries. And extending this, being able to respond in a way that makes them feel heard and listened to closes the loop on the interaction so that customers feel valued as a significant part of your business.

Many of you have told us that this capability is gold. Your customers can respond directly to the text messages saying when they can expect their delivery. So if circumstances have changed, and the customer is going to be onsite in 60 minutes rather than at the agreed time, the customer can respond to the message with new delivery instructions (like “Running late. Please leave in my safe spot – I’ll be there in an hour.”)

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Additionally, dispatchers are able to view any SMS message conversation against each job – and reschedule this delivery and re-route the mobile worker to the following job or delivery.

Not only does this feature build customer satisfaction, it saves you a stack of time and money lost to deliveries or jobs that could not be completed the first time.

Three-way customer messaging is just one part of our messaging kitbag – other capabilities include automatic email reminders, text messages with maps to track the eta of the driver and portals that allow customers to self-book jobs. Get in touch to see how these could work for your business today.


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