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Written by vWork
on January 21, 2021

Recently we launched our low code API, which allows you to integrate your existing software stack faster with vWork.

We’re on a roll with introducing another time saving gem. And today we’re launching a feature that automates the set up of jobs in vWork from external bulk work orders.

Introducing our no-code processing of bulk 3rd party work orders

For businesses that receive work orders in bulk, we’ve built email scraper functionality that converts all work orders sent as PDF attachments on emails automatically into vWork as jobs. These are loaded and split into separate jobs automatically in vWork.

Schedulers see the jobs in the workbench ready to be scheduled and dispatched to their mobile workforce as soon as they arrive – without the need to enter job order information again. All highly efficient, free of double-handling – and error-free.

Accelerating your start with vWork

We love getting our customers up and running with vWork within hours – and don’t believe in expecting customers to write long and complex integrations when we can automate something at our end.

So now you can save your developer’s time (and your money) as there may be no need to write a specific API to link your existing systems (or your customers) to your vWork account. We’ve done all the hard work for you, saving you days or even weeks of dev time.

Additionally, we know that many of our customer’s customers use enterprise CRMs, like Salesforce. And as they can be easily configured to include work orders and print them to PDF, we’re pretty sure that this feature will make you sing with joy. Along with no longer needing to write a specific API integration, this feature removes the extra hassle that comes with gaining permission to pass data through your customer’s firewall.

Getting started

Get in touch and we'll run you through the basics of setting this up. 

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