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Written by Roy Moody
on December 03, 2020

I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

It’s a heart sinking moment when you realize that you’re waving goodbye to revenue that you’ve worked had to win. Afterall, the air con market is competitive and runs on tight margins.

But what options exist to prevent this?

Well, it turns out that you can plug those revenue leaks by using job management software that is tuned for maximum revenue capture.

And in this post, I’m going to show you how job scheduling software does this (and how other solutions leave you leaking money).

How can you keep the revenue you earn?

There are plenty of ways to manage HVAC jobs. But the difference between good and great solutions can often be settled by how well it prevents revenue leakage, once you’ve compared scheduling functionality.

And once you know where the leaks are, you can address the problem.

Afterall knowing your business is leaking revenue isn’t good enough, right? You need to know exactly where it is leaking, so you can improve things.

Here are our top 4 places you should look to see if you’re leaking revenue:

  1. Are your HVAC technicians great at admin?

Your HVAC technicians are a talented bunch. And a key part of their job is to keep accurate records. But to be honest, some people are better at this than others.

At a high level, records relating to time onsite, materials used and proof of service on the job must be accurate. Without this information being correct, it is impossible to invoice fully. The potential revenue leak is compounded if you’re capturing this information manually due to the costs of double handling data.

(As an aside, we’ve got customers who’ve reported that with our software on their side, they’ve prevented up to 10% of their revenue being lost due to poor record keeping. Not bad when you consider it’s easier to invoice in full than win another customer to regain that revenue).

  1. Fail safe scheduling of maintenance work

When you’re offering customer maintenance contracts, you must know when services are due. And be able to schedule them within the agreed timeframe. Keeping this info using calendar reminders (paper or online) or excel at a minimum is inefficient and at its worst, is fraught with risk.

Job management software that allows you to schedule the key repeating job information once, like frequency, job details and service reminders, ensures you meet your HVAC contract obligations every time. This of course means you’re managing risk (and meeting customer promises). A set and forget approach to recurring service appointment scheduling makes life a breeze.

  1. Redeploy technicians without making a phone call

Sometimes things don’t go to plan when delivering services.

When you’ve got multiple air con technicians working on different jobs, you’ll need to be able to redeploy the technicians that finish their work early to help other technicians complete their service calls within agreed deadlines.

Simply put, it’s a real time view of actual job progress will solve this issue.

Being able to see this job progress in real time as each day rolls out is what will identify which technicians to redeploy. A solution which updates all technicians via text message or in-app alerts when jobs change means that you’re not spending the day on the phone sharing any last minute changes.

  1. Chasing your tail to send out invoices?

Are you or your invoicing teams chasing technicians to confirm what jobs have been completed? And what materials have been used? Or are they copying handwritten notes from the technician to generate invoices?

Automating your invoicing is one of the biggest things you can do to ensure a healthy cashflow (and to stop giving away revenue in the process).

And when your invoices are sent out within hours of completing the job and they include time and materials used, you know that you’re well on the way to having a strong bottom line.

The way to do this is to integrate your job management software with your accounting package.

So to wrap up:

There are a few easy things to look out for in your business to see where you may be leaking revenue. And there is a big difference in capability between solutions and how they plug the cash hole.

The first step we’d recommend is to look at job management software that is fine-tuned to this scenario, so that no dollar makes a great escape at your expense. In three easy steps you can book your demo here.  So let’s talk soon!

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