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vWork features overview

Tools for operations teams

Schedule and dispatch

Drag and drop jobs onto a mobile worker’s schedule.

Plan work days ahead

Understand your daily schedule, plan work out weeks ahead and minimize downtime in your mobile worker’s schedule.

Template your workflow

Define and customize the workflows and tasks exactly as you need.

Always on visibility

Keep tabs on all your jobs and where your mobile workers are using the map view.

Automate repeating tasks

Tasks such as reports, customer alerts, updates and invoices are all easily automated.

Automate repeating jobs

Use rules to create repeating jobs as far into the future as you need.

Smart tags for workers

Use tags to identify workers with specific certifications. And then only allocate them to tasks they are qualified to do.

Smart tags for equipment

Use tags to limit the use of equipment
to specific tasks.

Information management

Filter out job data from views so that users can only see work relevant to them.

Stay connected

Keep your mobile workers informed via in-app messaging from within vWork software.

Route optimization

Optimize the route for hundreds of jobs and workers.

Reporting tools


Get a daily snapshot of each day including worker utilization statistics.

Job reports

Report on jobs by worker, customer, events, time period and more. And then set them to run automatically.

Exceptions reporting

Know exactly when you are in danger of missing targets with exceptions reporting.

Custom reporting

Create your own custom reports on jobs, staff and other variables.

Deadline reporting

Manage important deadlines by keeping an eye on upcoming SLAs and other accountabilities.

Export your data

Export your data as an Excel or CSV file.

Tools for mobile workers

iOS and Android apps

User-friendly apps for tablets and mobiles help workers manage their jobs, record job data, acknowledge safety hazards and more.


If mobile workers' need directions and it's enabled, street by street directions are available.

Proof of service

Record job progress as it happens and include verification as a third-party signature or photo.

Complete jobs the first time

Compulsory fields in a workflow means workers must complete all necessary steps for a job.

Broadcast dispatch

Mobile workers can accept or decline broadcast jobs.

Stay connected

In app messaging keeps mobile workers and dispatchers in touch as needed. And if enabled, field workers can message customers too.

Offline access

Our apps work offline - and sync with vWork software once back online.

Customer tools

Branded customer portal

Your customers can request their own jobs via a branded portal, linked from your website.

Automated customer communications

Your customers can receive automatic delivery updates via SMS and email.

Map view

A live map link  in the delivery email and SMS updates customers on field worker location.

Survey your customers

Collect feedback, like Net Promoter Score, from your customers by integrating with Ask Nicely.

Health and safety tools

Manage obligations

Build into your templates your specific health and safety definitions to meet requirements.

Mitigate risk

Design your workflows so that mobile workers acknowledge risks or concerns before starting each job.

Tags for safety

Keep everyone safe when tagging jobs that must be done by mobile workers with specific qualifications.

Add-ons and integrations

Add-ons to grow

Using our advanced API, data is pulled into and out of other cloud hosted business efficiency tools, such as Xero and QuickBooks.

Proven API

Our API makes it smooth running when it's time to write your own integrations.

IoT ready

We're on hand to help you with integrating data from your IoT devices into vWork creating jobs.


Physical security

vWork is hosted in AWS ISO 27001 certified data centers, which include many layers of operational and physical security features.

Data security

Client-facing browser and mobile web traffic is encrypted to AES128+, 256 and TLS1.2. All customer data is secured in AWS data  centers.

Data backup

Complete daily backups alongside smaller incremental backups occur throughout each 24 hour period. 

Network security

vWork adopts current network security practises to ensure that systems and data are fully protected from unauthorized access. 

Credit card security

We don't secure any credit card details on our servers. We use enterprise grade processing partner Chargify to process payments.


All vWork production systems are highly redundant removing any single point of failure.

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