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Written by vWork
on December 07, 2022

Introducing Dynamic Invoice Descriptions, a time-saving invoicing feature available to all customers.


Dynamic Invoice Descriptions enable you to automatically insert job data into your invoice descriptions. You have huge flexibility with the information you can include from job ID, to step addresses, custom fields, and more. Tailor every invoice description in every job with minimal effort and provide your customers with valuable personalized context on their invoices.

See Add a Dynamic Invoice Description to vWork invoices

How do they work?

Dynamic Invoice Descriptions use ‘Description Tokens’. Description Tokens are placeholders for actual job data in the invoice description field in either a job template or job editor. 

Example Description Tokens include; Job ID, Template Name, Worker Name, and Job Completed Date. 

As an example, if your invoice includes the "Worker Name" description token and says "Job was completed by " the token automatically adds the assigned worker and ends up looking like this: "Job completed by John Smith".

As another example, if you include the "Job Completed Date" token in the description "Property maintenance completed by John Smith on " displays as "Property maintenance completed by John Smith on 1 December 2022".

The best part, Dynamic Invoice Descriptions are easy to set and forget. Once in place, you don’t need to do anything more to make sure your invoice descriptions are perfectly tailored to the needs of your customers.

See What are Description Tokens?

Benefits of using Dynamic Invoice Descriptions

This feature ensures more complete, and customized information is automatically pulled through into your invoices and reduces the amount of time required to enter job information into an invoice. Additional benefits include:

  • Less manual editing of invoice information 
  • Time saved for your workers and dispatch team
  • Minimized human error and mistakes 

Getting started

Dynamic Invoice Descriptions are available to all vWork accounts and there is no cost associated with using them. If you need help getting started, simply contact our support team at support@vworkapp.com.

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