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Written by vWork
on December 19, 2023

When you are completing multiple jobs for a single customer in a month it makes sense to be able to issue one consolidated invoice instead of separate invoices for each job. vWork’s new Consolidated Invoicing functionality allows you to do just that.

It can create a comprehensive single invoice in your vWork integrated finance application -  currently MYOB Account Right, with further integrations to come. It reduces your admin overhead, eliminates any potential confusion caused by multiple invoices, and provides a clear overview of all completed jobs in one place. 

So what do I see?

On the single invoice generated in your finance application you will see the following for each individual vWork job:

  • Description - taken directly from the job as a single line item in the consolidated invoice
  • Subtotal, excluding tax - taken from the original vWork job invoice against the job line item
  • Tax rate to be applied
  • Subtotal of all the included vWork jobs in the invoice excluding tax
In your vWork invoicing tab you will see:
  • The consolidated invoice reference number generated by your finance application.
  • Date and time the invoice was synced with the integrated finance app.

When Consolidated Invoicing is added to your account you will manually sync your invoices with your vWork Integrated finance application. This lets you choose how often (and when) you generate consolidated invoices for your customers so they contain the jobs you want them to. 

The original single job invoice still sits in your vWork account as a reference - and only completed jobs where the invoice has been ‘approved’ will be put through for consolidation. This further reduces any potential for confusion or billing errors as it allows you time to review and update your job invoices before they're queued for inclusion in a consolidated invoice.

What makes Consolidated Invoicing so valuable

Firstly - it’s flexible and simple to set up
Consolidated Invoicing is set as a ‘default’ in the integration settings so it automatically applies to all your customers. You can then set a single customer’s preference for single job invoices to override the default in the integration settings. It means every customer is billed exactly as you want them to be.

Simplified processing
There is no extra effort from your end. The consolidated invoice is automatically created for you - in your accounting application. As for your customer, the feedback confirms that receiving one consolidated invoice simplifies their accounting and payment process - saving on time and resources - and most importantly, helps them pay on time!

Improved accuracy
Automatically generating a consolidated invoice, significantly reduces the likelihood of errors being made. It is almost impossible to overlook or misplace a job - ensuring you invoice accurately for every job you complete  - for every customer - in one invoice. (We say ‘almost’ impossible but we haven’t missed so far).

Easier tracking
It makes it a lot easier for both you and your customers to monitor the work you do for them. We ensure transparency and help you easily reconcile vWork jobs against each consolidated invoice - including recording the time the invoice was synced with your finance application.

Enhanced Relationships
Streamlining invoicing contributes to stronger relationships between you and your customers. It demonstrates an understanding of your customer’s preferences and provides them with a more manageable billing system.

If you would like to set up Consolidated Invoicing for you and your customers please just ask, via support and we will gladly go through what would be required for your account.  If you’re new to vWork and would like to see Consolidated Invoicing in action - please reach out for a quick online demo. 

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