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Written by vWork
on September 22, 2021

We’re excited to announce a new integration between vWork and EROAD, one of Australasia's leading telematics providers specializing in accurate distance measurement using industry leading technology.

How does the integration work?

vWork’s EROAD integration is an optional upgrade that connects EROAD vehicle tracking and distance data to vWork’s invoicing module.

The integration uses EROAD’s vehicle tracking device, to accurately capture distance traveled, location and route data. EROAD’s GPS tracking offers instant and accurate vehicle tracking.

Job start and completion times are captured, including exact mileage travelled during the time period that the job was in progress.

Benefits to your business

The key benefits to your business include the ability to:

  1. Have more accurate position information to locate your workers on the map.
  2. Accurately track and record the route and distance traveled on a job.
  3. Replay the route used to complete a job for audit and reconciliation purposes.
  4. Automatically add line items to invoices that show the actual distance traveled by your workers and equipment.

Integrating with EROAD enables your business to measure distance travelled more accurately than previously possible, using accurate fleet tracking data instead of an estimated distance calculated using a straight line or Google Maps.

By moving away from distance estimates, the EROAD integration offers your customers greater invoicing transparency, while improving perception of your business as an honest and trustworthy service.

When adding EROAD as the distance source to your invoicing, the invoice amount is automatically calculated at job completion time with distance costs included.  The distance source is labelled to the line item in the description. You can also set different  rates for all of your users or vehicles.

See ‘Can I automatically add mileage to my invoices’

Getting started

Please get in touch with our support team if you are interested in initiating the EROAD integration. We will need to get authorization from you to receive your EROAD location data.  We will also need to work with you to map your EROAD devices to your users in vWork.

See ‘Connect EROAD to vWork’

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