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Written by vWork
on October 31, 2023

In today's fast-paced world, managing a fleet of 20+ vehicles making multiple deliveries a day requires more than just manpower—it demands smart power. vWork's sophisticated job scheduling and dispatch software has been game-changing for businesses in Australia and New Zealand, but when combined with a telematics solution like Teletrac Navman, the value proposition becomes irresistible.

Here are five compelling reasons why:

Exceptional Accuracy with GPS Tracking

vWork's mobile app already provides you with a snapshot of your worker's location, but with the integration of a telematics device like Teletrac Navman, you gain unparalleled accuracy. Unlike mobile devices that can toggle between GPS, cellular, and Wi-Fi location data, telematics units are specifically designed to use GPS tracking and have a stronger connection to satellites. This means you get the most accurate location data, every time.

Real-time Route Tracking

One major advantage of using a telematics unit over relying solely on a mobile app is the ability to
alway be able to see the actual route the vehicle has taken. While vWork's mobile app can show
where a vehicle is at a certain time, the route it took may not be exact because of gaps in the cell
network. With Teletrac Navman's telematics data, not only do you always know where your vehicle
is, but also the route it took to get there. This feature is invaluable for performance reviews,
customer inquiries, and for creating more efficient routing.

Battery Life Preservation

Running any app on a phone or tablet means that device’s battery life becomes a precious
commodity. With a telematics unit installed in the vehicle, location tracking shifts from the mobile
device to the vehicle itself, which is connected directly to the vehicle’s battery. It preserves your
mobile device’s battery life for other important tasks like updating job statuses, client
communication, and more.

Tamper-Proof Monitoring

A telematics device is installed in the vehicle and can’t be easily disabled or turned off by the worker.
This adds a level of integrity to the tracking system. Your dispatchers can be confident the data
they're seeing is an accurate representation of each vehicle's location and status, which is essential for making real-time decisions.

Comprehensive Reporting for Smart Decisions

While vWork offers data storage for later retrieval and reporting, the addition of a telematics unit
amplifies your ability to understand your fleet's movements in more detail. From efficiency reports
to long-term planning, the combined data from vWork and Teletrac Navman can provide deep
insights that drive smart business decisions.

In summary, combining vWork's advanced job scheduling software with the robust capabilities of a
telematics unit like Teletrac Navman offers businesses an opportunity to optimise their operations
like never before. From enhanced accuracy to tamper-proof tracking, this powerful combination is
not just a smart choice; it's a no-brainer for any business serious about efficiency and growth.

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