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Written by vWork
on April 28, 2022

We know how important it is to provide your customers with excellent service. For many of our customers, top notch customer service is the backbone of their business. 

The vWork customer portal is designed with customer experience in mind. It features a secure customer-facing interface offering your customers access to the tools and information they need as well as enabling your business to get the most out of using vWork. 


Enable your customers to self-serve

The Customer Portal is an optional self-service portal that enables your customers to create their own jobs, directly in your vWork account. Your customers can log in to the portal to request jobs and check on existing job details. 

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The benefits of using the vWork Customer Portal

Empowered customers

It empowers your customers, enabling a more streamlined ‘self-service’ approach to job management. Your customers can log in to your portal at any time that works for them and request jobs whenever they want. They can also easily keep track of the status of a job and get regular updates.

Reduced administration

Empowering your customers to create their own jobs reduces admin for your business. The portal helps to reduce the number of email and phone queries you receive and also greatly reduces the workload of your dispatch team, freeing them up to work on other tasks and increasing overall business efficiency. 

Full control of visibility 

The Customer Portal enables you to select what actions your customers can see and do in the portal. Whether it is requesting new jobs, setting up alerts or printing invoices, you can tailor your portal to the needs of different customers as well as selecting whether to let anyone sign up or restrict access to selected customers.

On brand

The portal can also be customized to maintain the same look and feel of your website, ensuring a seamless user experience right through from visiting your website to creating a job in vWork. Upload your business logo and easily link your website and vWork by installing the vWork Customer Portal Login button on your site.  The Customer Portal is also fully responsive and works well on the majority of tablets and smartphones. 

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Setting up the vWork Customer Portal

Customer Portals can be created via the Settings page in vWork. Simply head to Settings > Portal > Settings.

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