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Written by vWork
on December 15, 2021

Last week we released version 11.44 of vWork, which included a feature update enabling pricebooks to be set up for specific customers and have customized pricing automatically applied to completed jobs.

Customer pricebooks vs standard pricebooks

Customer pricebooks are similar to the standard vWork pricebook feature, but instead of being added to a template, the pricebook is added to a specific customer. When jobs are completed, the customer’s custom pricing is used rather than the standard pricing. 

Customer pricebooks enable your dispatchers and mobile workers to easily select an invoice line item and apply this to a job, ensuring accuracy and consistency as well as simplifying the process of creating invoice information. 

Like standard pricebooks, customer pricebooks also contain a predefined list of items that can be added to invoices as line items. Each pricebook can contain up to 2,000 items and each item has a short code, description, and price. vWork has no limit on the number of customer pricebooks that can be used. 

See What is a Customer Pricebook?

Benefits of using customer pricebooks

There are several key advantages of using pricebooks, including:

  • Items in the pricebook are already priced and accurately describe standardized invoice information.
  • To automatically generate invoice information, a dispatcher or mobile worker only needs to select the relevant items from the pricebook and update the quantity of that item used. This speeds up and simplifies the process of creating the invoice information.
  • Invoices are easily updated at the time the job is done, instantly generating accurate invoice information - no relying on worker memory or pieces of paper. 

In addition, when you use the customer pricebook feature you can also set special pricing that applies to one customer or a group of customers of the same type. This gives you flexibility in your pricing while also keeping it accurate and consistent. You can easily reward loyal customers or implement volume-based pricing for customers that use your services extensively by applying a customized pricebook to their jobs.

See Benefits of using customer pricebooks

Note: All pricebooks (standard and customer) are turned off by default until invoicing (a vWork standard feature) is enabled in the finance settings.

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