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McLeod Cranes


Sector: Crane and hiab hire

Size of field team: 85


10% increase in revenue due to accurate
data capture on all jobs.


Founded in 1995, McLeod hires out cranes and hiabs in the northern half of the North Island in New Zealand. With over 22 cranes, 40 trucks and 85 staff in the field, McLeod has built a stellar reputation for customer service and operational efficiency. Their reputation for genuine customer service is well known in the region.

McLeod Cranes


Since forming McLeod, the company has grown from managing less than a hundred jobs per month to dispatching thousands each month. During this growth, Scott McLeod quickly realized that the existing paper and diary job scheduling and dispatch system was unable to scale with the growth and increased complexity of the business.


vWork was rolled out for its ability to:

  • Capture accurate information on each job to enable precision time-based billing.
  • Provide transparency and visibility to all involved with job dispatch and fulfillment.
  • Keep field workers on top of all changes to their jobs whilst out and about.
  • Be implemented quickly and easily.
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