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Scheduled Reports Scheduled Reports allows you to get reports emailed to you automatically. You can choose which reports, who should receive them and when.
Email Alerts Email Alerts allow you to automatically send email when certain events occur. For example, mail the dispatcher if a job is declined, email the accounts dept when a job is completed, email the warehouse manager when an inbound delivery has been picked up etc.
Repeating Jobs Repeating jobs allows you to automatically create new jobs based on a schedule you define (daily, weekly or monthly). Repeating jobs can always be assigned to the same worker or can be created as unassigned jobs for you to manually schedule.
Customized Branding You can upload your own company logo. It will appear at the top of the customer portal page and on reports.
Salesforce Integration If you connect vWork to Salesforce, then new tasks in Salesforce will automatically create jobs in vWork. When these jobs are completed in vWork, the tasks will be automatically completed in Salesforce and a vWork Job Status Report will be attached to the task.
Xero Integration Connecting Xero to vWork will enable you to easily import your customers from Xero to vWork. Record time and materials to be included on invoices and automatically create draft invoices in Xero when a job is completed.
QuickBooks Integration Connecting QuickBooks Online to vWork will enable you to easily import your customers from QB to vWork, record time and materials to be included on invoices and automatically create draft invoices in QB when a job is completed.
Create Job from Phone Allow your mobile workers to create new jobs from the field. You can have these saved as unassigned jobs or give certain workers permission to assign jobs to themselves or other workers.
Reassign Job from Phone Allow your mobile workers to reassign jobs from the field.
Equipment Allows you to record items of customer equipment and schedule maintenance or repairs specifically for that equipment.
TomTom Integration vWork works seamlessly within WEBFLEET to bring dynamic scheduling and job dispatch to TomTom's powerful fleet management solution. Jobs are sent to both your TomTom Navigation Device as well as vWork's mobile app.
iOS App Your mobile workers in the field can use the vWork iOS app to accept and complete jobs on their iPhone or iPad.
Android App Your mobile workers in the field can use the vWork Android app to accept and complete jobs on their phone or tablet.
Scheduling Schedule all of your jobs using any of our job views; job list, schedule or map view. Simply drag and drop jobs onto worker's schedules and publish them to their mobile phone.
Mapping See all of your jobs and workers on the same map. Identify the closest worker to a job and start dispatching jobs more efficiently.
Signature Collection Collect signatures from customers using the sign on glass function of the vWork mobile apps.
GPS Tracking We use GPS on your worker's iOS or Android device to show you their location on the vWork map and help you make the best dispatch decisions.
Bulk Import Customers Easily add all your existing customer information to vWork, import from Salesforce, Quick Books Online, Xero or just a CSV.
Standard Reports vWork includes a full suite of pre-defined reports that allow you to extract the information you need to run your business.
Broadcast Dispatch Allow dispatchers to assign jobs to multiple workers. The job will be given to whoever accepts it first.
Accept/Decline Jobs Allow workers to accept or decline jobs; this can be customized so that jobs are auto declined if they are not accepted in a defined time period.
Cancel / Pause jobs Pause a job allows your workers to take a break or stop the job clock should they need to go and do something else. Cancelled jobs can be restored at any time.
Draft Invoice Invoicing allows you to add line items, quantities, prices and descriptions to your jobs. This information can be used to generate an invoice that you can send to the customer.
Price Books Price books allow you to create a pre-defined list of items that can be added to invoices.
Quotes Enabling quotes allows you to create quote templates for your workers to complete. Once a quote is completed you can choose to email it to the customer for approval. If the customer approves the quote we can automatically create a job using the template you specify.
Messaging Quickly send messages to individual workers or groups of workers to pass on urgent information as required. Messages can be related to a job or generic information.
Bulk Import Jobs You can import up to 200 jobs at a time. You will need to supply a CSV formatted text file.
Advanced Route Optimisation Work out the fastest and most efficient route for a worker to complete multiple jobs.
Integrated Health and Safety Employers duty of care embedded in all work, from creation to fulfilment and post event reporting.
Affiliated Accounts Affiliates allow you to send and receive jobs from other vWork accounts. The master account must be an Enterprise account. Ideal for businesses contracting or allocating work to contractors or third parties. Provides end-to-end visibility.
SMS Alerts SMS Alerts allow you to automatically SMS notifications when certain events occur. For example, SMS the customer a ETA Alert with a URl when a worker is on route.
Customer Portal The Customer Portal allows people to see a public view of your vWork site. You can select what they are allowed to do; create new jobs using certain templates, edit their jobs, delete their jobs etc.
API Key Our API gives you a chance to add vWork's dispatching functionality to other platforms. Dig into our API to integrate vWork with your existing workflow or combine vWork with third party tools to make something new.
API Support We will give you all the help you need to get up and running with our API, from detailed documentation, email support and sample files.
API Documentation The vWork API is fully documented and all of this information can be found online, simply drop us an email and we can supply an API key and all the details you need.
Dev/Test Account If you are developing an integration with our API, we can supply development and test vWork accounts so that you write and test your integration without touching any of your live data.
Groups You can organize your users into groups if you want to control what mobile workers your dispatchers can see. This can be useful if you have multiple dispatchers sending work to different groups of workers.
Data Retention While vWork keeps some information for the life of the account (things like workers, customers, templates, etc..) job data is deleted from vWork after one year by default.