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Executive Summary

New Zealand's largest digital printer needed a software solution to replace arduous, manual processes. Managing teams of workers and third party contractors, they faced enormous challenges around visibility of workflow, communication and job updates, time capture and poor quality control around mobile picture capture. Integration with third party systems was also required so a flexible development partner was crucial.

They researched available options and finally made the decision to implement vWork as the platform for their digital business, Boston Digital. "We didn't find any other solutions that came close to ticking off all the boxes" Zephyr Brown, Operations Manager.


Image Centre Group are NZ's largest digital printer, with five other independent companies managed under the Image Centre parent company. These include a retail advertising agency and content marketing business, a digital communications agency, digital signage specialist and a video production house.

Zephyr Brown, Operations Manager for Image Centre, needed to find a solution for their digital signage business, Boston Digital.

Key results

Major improvement around supplier management.

vWork automates the QC process which means improved QC for their clients.

Improved automation has led to reduced administration.

Improves job tracking and visibility for more effective workflow and management.

Big savings across multiple departments including Production, Finance and Sales.

Easy to get started.

We have introduced vWork to a number of clients who instantly see the advantages it has.

They highly rate the technical support available and simplicity of the API.

Administration is much easier and their customers love it.

A software solution was needed to better manage remote third party contractors across multiple clients' jobs. Key requirements included visibility for all parties, time capture and quality control via mobile picture capture. Integration with third party systems was required so a flexible development partner was also key.

"Some of the challenges we faced before vWork included the inability to get Quality Control due to manually sending images via text or email not being linked to a job. We had to manually chase up contractors for updates on which jobs have been completed. And spreadsheets were not being updated leading to invoicing issues for clients and contractors."

We asked Zephyr to tell us how things are going today with vWork as the platform for job dispatching and scheduling. "The workflow is a huge improvement over manual. We work closely with the vWork developers, what we value the most is the technical support available, simplicity of the API, breadth of features and the UI".

Image Centre workers and third party contractors that have adopted it and use it regularly are getting great results and after three years, they are still finding it the ideal solution for their needs.


Before vWork, we only had manual systems to project manage the workflow for multiple clients. These were very admin heavy and time consuming.

Zephyr Brown
Operations Manager

Administration is much easier and their customers love it. The people are great to work with too. Thanks guys, love your vWork. Your job makes our job easier!

Zephyr Brown
Operations Manager