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Job dispatch software for crane hire

Maximize equipment use, make better dispatch decisions and stop using outdated paper job sheets.

vWork is cloud-based job scheduling software designed for crane and hiab rental businesses. It connects and simplifies dispatch operations maximizing the profitability of heavy duty hire companies. 

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Customize to your business needs
Built-in smart functions in vWork maximizes resource usage – irrespective of whether that is for tower, crawler or taxi cranes and their associated ancillary equipment. Say goodbye to under-invoicing for time-based rentals, equipment being under-utilized and crane operators having gaps in their work schedules. Using vWork, dispatchers and operations managers build their business by:
  • Accurately recording every minute that equipment is on a customer’s site, so revenue is maximized for timebased rentals.
  • Sharing heavy equipment between groups or branches for greater utilization.
  • Optimizing routes between jobs.
Always-on communication 
The wrap around communications layer within vWork ensures that everyone is kept up-to-date with jobs and any associated changes as they happen.
  • Keep drivers and crane operators informed of any job changes with the easy-to-use mobile app.
  • Manage health and safety on every job with templated workflows customized to your needs.
  • If enabled, customers can get automatic alerts as a crane approaches the site for example.
Fits in with how you like to run your business
vWork has been designed to work seamlessly with how you run your business and not the other way around. The flexibility built into vWork means you manage your complex business, simply.
  • Customized templated workflows makes it is easy to manage different job types for different projects and equipment.
  • Integrates with many leading business tools, such as Xero, QuickBooks and Salesforce.
  • A mature API, makes it easy to integrate with your existing business tools.
  • A branded, secure self-service portal for your customers to book their own jobs.

“Looking back I can’t believe what a transformation vWork is making. We can now spend more time connecting with our customers and understanding their needs. This new level of connection is really powerful.”

Scott McLeod, Managing Director, McLeod Cranes

“It’s a demanding workload that requires laser sharp scheduling if everyone is to receive their lunch by the assigned time of 12:30pm. We use vWork to do all the data optimization. It has a dedicated module that automatically assigns meals to the right driver and sets the delivery order, ensuring all the lunches are delivered on time."

Kris Teale, Manager of Everything, Eat my Lunch

See how McLeod Cranes uses vWork to better capture data and increase revenue.


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