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Executive Summary

Natural Cycle Courier, a unique bicycle delivery service with a team of 18 riders, has been servicing Winnipeg businesses since 1999. They guarantee delivery of urgent packages across Winnipeg, Canada within tight deadlines.

Their business is modelled around On Demand mobile service, with customers requesting mobile services as and when they need it. Natural Cycle Courier supply riders to collect and deliver a package as they require it. The On Demand economy has been going through exponential growth over the past few years, making it all the more critical for Natural Cycle to implement and stabilize the infrastructure and the technology requirements to ensure their market position is secure.


Before moving to a technology solution in November 2015, their system was a very intricate and sophisticated process using paper, pens and Google Maps. Yet as the number of jobs increased on average per day, it became more difficult for the dispatcher to track deliveries and know whether they had been delivered on time. They also lacked an online booking service component for their clients to reduce administration.

Eva Klassen wears a lot of hats, as Co-Owner, Cyclist and Business Manager. She told us about their journey to search for a suitable technology solution.

As guaranteed time frames were core to their business model, they needed to put a system in place to introduce efficiencies to the business. This system would track deliveries, riders and whether they met their deadlines.

“We faced many frustrations before we started using vWork; a lack of feedback for customers on their terms (they could call and ask about the status but rarely would), late deliveries – we had no way of tracking these and then we had to manually enter the day’s deliveries into our accounting software (MYOB).”

Key results

We have increased our capacity to take on more jobs – between 15% - 20% more!

We can deliver more in less time; less time is wasted in verbally passing along information.

Fewer late deliveries results in higher levels of customer satisfaction and repeat business.

We can see at a glance when deliveries are due and can now manage jobs.

We are able to better track our finances with easy integration with Xero.

We now provide more accurate quotes based on real numbers.

We can see exactly where our riders are using the map feature for more efficiencies.

Tracking more details means more accurate information for the customer as well as for us.

We now make fewer mistakes because there are certain fields that are required.

The quality of our service has improved substantially for our customers.

Eva and the team had several criteria in mind for their technology solution.

  • It would include a customer portal where the customer had the ability to log in and request their own pick-ups and deliveries
  • It would provide a map feature to help us track and plan fastest routes
  • It would have the ability to send jobs to riders via their smartphones
  • It needed to integrate with accounting software

We are able to show the client who is picking up/delivering their package and we keep a record of what the package looks like (using the easy photo option in vWork) in case there are any issues in the future.

We are now gearing up to nudge our clients to adopt the online customer portal option as it’s such a useful platform!

Natural Cycle Courier’s customer portal login page on their website which they now intend to promote heavily.


We went with vWork as it offered easy integration with Xero, it is Mac friendly and has a modern looking design. It’s easy to use and has wicked support!

Eva Klassen
Co-Owner, Winnipeg

We were looking for dispatch software that would allow our clients to request jobs from our website as well as the ability to track the progress of jobs and job details.

Eva Klassen
Co-Owner, Winnipeg