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ASAP Logistics


Sector: Transport

Size of field team: 10



Providing exceptional service on all deliveries


To move away from paper tickets, continue business momentum and provide customers with the same exceptional service during COVID-19.



ASAP Logistics 1
ASAP Logistics 2-1


vWork was introduced to the business for its ability to:

  • Improve existing job management processes
  • Enhance existing dispatch processes by implementing a self-service Customer Portal.
  • Provide ongoing technical support
  • Grow the number of jobs ASAP Logistics can manage with their existing workforce.


  • Time saved by dispatchers to work on other tasks
  • Faster deliveries to customers without a compromise on quality
  • Improved invoicing and a move away from an outdated ticketing system1
  • Enhanced job visibility for all ASAP Logistics drivers.
ASAP Logistics 3

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