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Sector: Delivery

Size of field team: 35



Digital innovation to meet customer demand


Gilmours is the North Island's leading grocery wholesaler servicing bars, cafes, and restaurants. And is part of the Foodstuffs North Island grocery cooperative.

During the recent Covid-19 nationwide lockdown, Gilmours had excess capacity due to its customers being unable to trade. And there was a large public demand for online grocery shopping in other parts of the cooperative network.




To help meet the increased demand for online shopping with excess capacity from Gilmours, the team at Foodstuffs North Island used the opportunity to test the market with fixed content food boxes.

To get this solution stood up in record time was the challenge.


vWork was rolled out for its ability to:

  • Easily manage large volume deliveries, including route optimization.
  • Integrate quickly with other software.
  • Be easily configured and therefore quick to set up and rollout.
  • Intuitive design to reduce the need for user training.

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To manage the complex, high volume home deliveries, Foodstuffs selected vWork's job management software. Integral to this decision was the ability for vWork to integrate easily with their SAP set-up.  Read more. 

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The time taken to schedule the daily runs has reduced by 60% after implementing vWork. The business is benefiting from improved service reliability and has the added benefit of health and safety checks being built into every job. Read more.