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Sector: Car sharing

Size of field team: 30


Driving the future of car sharing


A greenfield opportunity establishing a car-sharing business in Saudi Arabia meant that the founders also sought to integrate job scheduling software for the management of car grooming, maintenance and car (re)location. 



Clean and well-maintained cars ready for pick up where customers want them is the foundation of a great customer experience for iDrive. iDrive needed software that would streamline the management of these jobs easily.


vWork was rolled out for its ability to:

  • Be up and running quickly
  • Integrate with other business tools on day one
  • Monitor the progress of each job and have certainty that specific tasks have been completed.

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Landscape Solutions Devonport Domain BW-600-300

Landscape Solutions

Using vWork to manage a large volume of jobs, assets and field workers has given Landscape Solutions a visible platform for ensuring smooth delivery of an outcome-based service contract. Read more.

man carrying lpg-sml-crop


The time taken to schedule the daily runs has reduced by 60% after implementing vWork. The business is benefiting from improved service reliability and has the added benefit of health and safety checks being built into every job. Read more.