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Marisco Vineyards


Sector: Vineyard

Size of field team: 6 team leaders

Number of jobs/harvest: 300


Coming out on top of the grape harvest


Marisco Vineyards has five vineyards, two wineries and over 85 employees.  Exporting over 80% of its annual production overseas, this vineyard has an award-winning reputation to maintain. 



As Marisco Vineyards has grown, the complexity in generating one comprehensive daily picking plan for the harvest had grown too. Alongside this, communication of the plan to all involved in its execution was needed too.


vWork was rolled out for its ability to:

  • Easily manage multiple work orders for the grape harvest over many vineyards, sites and grape varieties.
  • Set the foundation for business process optimization.
  • Provide support to Marisco if needed during the set-up phase.
vineyard with tractor-bw

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man carrying lpg-sml-crop


The time taken to schedule the daily runs has reduced by 60% after implementing vWork. The business is benefiting from improved service reliability and has the added benefit of health and safety checks being built into every job. Read more.