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Otago Vacuum Tank Services


Sector: Liquid waste removal and water delivery

Integrations: Xero and EROAD



How OVTS is cleaning up using vWork workflows

Otago Vacuum Tank Services (OVTS)

Otago Vacuum Tank Services provide critical 24-hour liquid waste removal and water delivery services to a wide range of customers.  While the business was building, so too was the management overhead and inevitable operator errors. vWork’s automated workflows with Xero integration has transformed OVTS operations, while wowing customers with a level of technical sophistication they only expect to see in far larger providers.



The OVTS team spent countless hours managing jobs on paper and invoicing at month end - there had to be a better way.


vWork provided a wide range of configurable templates to fit OVTS’ dozens of workflows and put them into Xero.


What took days to invoice now takes minutes. Scheduling can be seen in real time - delighting drivers and customers.

“It is hard to quantify just how easy vWork makes your life through having everything automated. We can see exactly where everyone is and how a job is progressing in real time.  There are no more missed jobs from ‘due’ to ‘scheduling’ via the group chat and it has really taken the pressure off not having to manage everything off a job sheet. ” 

Courtney Giddens, Commercial Lead

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