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Waireka Group


Sector: Transport & Logistics

Size of field team: 27



Using technology to manage customer expectations and field worker health and safety


To improve their scheduling processes and provide excellent job transparency for dispatchers, their customers, and partners. By digitizing their existing paper-based job management processes they could provide better service, schedule more jobs, reduce costs and implement an easy to manage process for managing the complexities introduced by the COVID-19 pandemic.



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  • Provide detailed analytics and advanced delivery reporting 
  • Provide customers with real-time updates and absolute transparency through the establishment of a customer portal 
  • Integrate Xero and automatically calculate invoice amounts at job completion and send invoices within hours
  • Capture accurate information on each job to enable precision time-based billing
  • Manage regulatory requirements for COVID-19 by integrating vWork’s health and safety features.


  • Improved information and transparency for customers from the establishment of a customer portal.
  • Improved management of COVID-19 impacted supply chain and health and safety issues.
  • Advanced reporting and data for better business decision making
  • Overall time spent from dispatching through to invoicing reduced by 50%. 
  • Huge uplift in overall customer satisfaction and trust through customer feedback channels.
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