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Productivity tools for dispatchers

Schedule more jobs more easily with vWork

It’s never been easier to raise the productivity of your dispatch team when using vWork’s job scheduling and dispatch software. This smart software streamlines the scheduling and management of high volume or complex job workflows – making your dispatch, operations and field teams more efficient.


Customize to your business needs

Every business has different workflows and tasks in the field. And that’s why, when we built vWork, we knew that it had to be able to support every blueprint that our customers would need. Now there is no need to compromise with software that can ‘almost’ replicate your workflow and tasks, when you can customize vWork’s workflow and tasks to match yours exactly. No ifs, no buts.


Know where your staff are

See where staff are and what jobs they are working on as well as where upcoming jobs are on a map view. Use this to manage job changes and updates at short notice.  Verifying past jobs and replaying routes, allows you to see where additional efficiencies could be achieved. Seeing all current and future jobs, allows you to plan the best job order and routes between jobs, if route optimization isn’t enabled.


Route optimization for better decisions

Automatically work out the fastest and most efficient routes for hundreds of jobs and dozens of workers. If on-time delivery is a critical part of your business success, route optimization will be your favorite time-saving function. It reduces the time taken to work out routes between jobs for dispatchers,  increases the efficiency of field teams - and reduces their fuel usage. (Route optimization is only available in vWork Enterprise edition.)


Actionable data; Powerful reporting

A dashboard is available for tracking daily or weekly metrics, such as worker utilization. Advanced time, event (like incomplete jobs, health and safety alerts), exceptions and deadline reporting can be set to run automatically giving management reports that can be used to further identify areas of concern or improvement. 

Speed up dispatch with powerful
vWork features

A series of in-built capabilities means that dispatchers can work smarter
– and achieve even more

  • Simply drag and drop onto workers’ schedules – and then optimize as you need.
  • Repeating jobs are set up using rule-based fields – this easy-to-use ‘set and forget’ method means that recurring jobs are automatically scheduled as far in advance as you need. And it is simple to update the parameters if needed. (This function is available in vWork Enterprise edition only.)
  • Tag field workers with specific skills or qualifications. Say goodbye to workers being scheduled jobs that they are uncertified to complete. (This function is available in vWork Enterprise edition only.)
  • Tag equipment with specific parameters. This restricts their ability to be allocated only to jobs that they can be used for, thus eliminating any mismatch error. (This function is available in vWork Enterprise edition only.)
  • Message your field team from within the dispatch hub. Field workers receive all messages within the app.


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