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The vWork mobile workforce platform is a web based field service scheduling and dispatch platform created with the appliance repair industry’s particular needs in mind.

Managing appliance repair dispatch scheduling is much more than simply sending repair workers to addresses. The vWork platform improves all aspects of your operation, helping give you greater efficiency, profitability and customer satisfaction:

Full, 100 Percent Mobile.

  • Field appliance repair workers never need come to the office, the system is fully functional from smartphones and tablets.
  • Free in-app messaging keeps you in constant contact with the field.
  • Destination mapping and directions show the most efficient routes for workers to any job destination, allowing you to make command decisions that save on fuel costs and travel time.
  • Workers on the road are tracked in real time on a Google Map style interface, showing speed and direction for you to give customers accurate arrival estimates.

Workflow organization.

  • See all pending jobs, available workers, job status updates and completed jobs at a glance. Never forget to assign a job or send a quote again.
  • Scheduling is as easy as dragging and dropping jobs into schedules.
  • Auto Decline allows you to automatically reassign jobs if a field appliance repair worker doesn’t accept it within a certain time.
  • The system can create repeating jobs, saving your dispatcher hours of repetitive work.

Quotes & Invoicing.

  • Quotes can be created with allocated workers, and once approved are automatically entered as jobs for dispatch into the system.
  • Invoicing automatically includes customized price books, your own template terminology, job hours captured in the field and any materials used.
  • Invoices can be automatically sent when the job status is updated to “completed.”
  • The vWork platform integrates easily and smoothly with many back office financial systems commonly used by appliance repair dispatch services, such as Xero, Quickbooks and Salesforce. This eliminates unnecessary delays and keystroke errors.

There were very few usability questions. Customers love that we have a much quicker response time and are able to more accurately estimate when we’ll be able to arrive.

Nathaniel Cochran
Director of Operations - Dwyer Plumbing

It was previously impossible to quickly and accurately determine how many calls we could schedule weeks in advance.

Nathaniel Cochran
Director of Operations - Dwyer Plumbing

Since implementing vWork, we have spent less time figuring out when and where we are going and more time figuring out how we can better serve our customers and work on acquiring new ones.

Nathaniel Cochran
Director of Operations - Dwyer Plumbing