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Record and Find Specific Locations with the Location Custom Field (FOR TEST BLOG)

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13 September, 2022

New to vWork, the Location Custom Field can be used to capture an exact location, either as a street address or as a set of GPS coordinates. 

There are two primary uses of the Location Custom Field; when workers need to:

  • record the specific location of a feature, such as a new tree planting
  • find the location of something they need to work on at an address for a job, such as a utility tower, manhole, or service meter.

Essentially you are drilling down to a more specific location within an existing job location. Using the Location Custom Field will ensure your workers are not wasting time looking for specific locations once they’ve arrived at a job and will help your team know the exact location of work they carried out with the address and/or GPS coordinates safely documented. 

Drop a GPS pin to record your current location

Recording the precise location of a feature in vWork is as simple as dropping a pin on a map. Dropping the pin will show the nearest geolocated address, and once clicked on will reveal the exact location of the feature on the map. This can be based on your current location (we use the GPS in your phone) or can be adjusted as needed.

See Add a location to a custom field in the Android vWork mobile app

Getting started

The Location Custom Field is an optional feature. If you want to learn more about it or add it to your account, please contact support@vworkapp.com and one of our team will be in touch to talk with you about your requirements.

Want to learn more about custom fields? 

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