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Use vWork Mobile Reminders to Ensure Accurate Job Completion (FOR TEST BLOG)

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13 September, 2022

Many businesses using vWork have a high volume of jobs that need to be completed dailly. Within each job there are typically a series of steps, or actions that workers need to finish before each job can be completed. 

A large volume of jobs usually means multiple steps. With workers carrying out multiple steps it is possible that some can be forgotten and not completed at the right time, possibly resulting in missed billable time or delays in updating customers on the progress of the job.

Mobile reminders ensure all steps are completed on time.

Mobile reminders are notifications that pop up in the vWork mobile app to remind your mobile users to complete a step on a job. They are currently available to workers using the vWork iOS mobile app and will be available to Android users in the coming months. 

Mobile reminders make it easier for workers to stay on top of work that needs to be completed whilst improving overall productivity by ensuring your team is always one step ahead and aware of all steps and details of the work that needs to be carried out. 

Mobile reminders are very effective when it comes to keeping the status of a job that they are working on up to date.

There are three types of mobile reminders:

  • Scheduled reminders
  • Arrival reminders
  • Departure reminders

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Where mobile reminders can be used

There are several instances where a mobile reminder can be used effectively when using vWork:

  • When steps need to be completed on the mobile app to trigger alerts and reports for customers.
  • When a job is invoiced based on the time your worker spends doing the job and this is calculated by the time difference between two steps on a job.
  • When a job is invoiced based on the distance traveled by your worker between two geolocated steps in a job.
  • To ensure your dispatchers are kept fully up-to-date on the progress of your jobs.
  • To ensure the latest information is provided to other systems that you may have integrated with vWork.

How to turn on mobile reminders in vWork

Field workers can activate and manage mobile reminders in the settings from the main menu, under settings in the vWork app. They are not active by default and must be turned on if you want to use them.  Unfortunately we can’t remind them to activate the reminders!

You can choose to turn on all, some, or just one of the available Mobile Reminders. 

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