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Written by vWork
on February 23, 2022

Proof of delivery is documentation that validates the successful delivery of goods or a service to your customer. Traditionally this has been achieved by obtaining a customer's signature on a piece of paper. 

However, technology has changed this, reforming and streamlining the process of capturing and sharing proof of delivery through the evolution of electronic proof-of-delivery. When using vWork your business has a full electronic proof of delivery option for every job - no matter what you are delivering - be it goods or a service. 

What are the benefits of electronic proof of delivery? 

Today's customers expect real-time visibility into the status of their delivery. When it comes to customer experience, managing expectations around visibility into the delivery process is a key challenge for many businesses. 

Electronic proof of delivery has several key benefits: 

  • Automation of the delivery process.
  • Job delivery is auditable, with every step of the job recorded and time-stamped.
  • Your customers are kept informed about job progress in real-time.
  • Proof of job completion is indisputable and transparent to both your customers and your business alike.

Additional benefits of electronic proof of delivery include: 

  • Invoicing and billing: Speeds up the invoicing process, reduces manual invoicing errors  and shortens billing cycles by making delivery data immediately available. 
  • Cost reduction: Reduces unloading time by ensuring accurate goods delivery and reduces the overall cost of capturing customer delivery data.
  • Contactless documentation: Limits manual handling which is important during the pandemic period.
  • Reduces your carbon footprint: (Less paper!)

Using vWork for electronic proof of delivery

Proof of delivery is an option for every job in vWork. 

vWork can provide customer notifications that inform your customers when a job starts (Job started alert), when a driver is expected (ETA alert), and evidence of delivery with time stamped photos and time stamped customer signatures sent in reports emailed directly to your customers.

Time stamped images can help by showing the condition of an item at a given time. They can also be set as a mandatory action from field workers to ensure no images are missed throughout the delivery process. 

When it comes to collecting a signature it is as simple as signing on the screen of the app while adding a photo is easily added in the app with no need to swap out to a camera. Simply point and click and the photo is saved in the job.

See ‘How do I collect customer signatures?

If you need to collect any additional detail, custom fields enable you to enter extra information about a job and capture this information while on the job. Custom fields can be created for any essential information your field workers are required to collect. By making your custom field mandatory, you can ensure that a particular aspect of a job is completed to a standard the customer is happy with.

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