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Written by vWork
on February 09, 2022

In every industry, organizations are trying to figure out the answer to one important question: How do we improve communication with our customers to manage their expectations and improve their satisfaction when things are going quite as planned? This is even more important for a mobile workforce, that deal with hazards, unexpected delays, and other variables that can impact on meeting customers’ expectations when not handled well.

We understand that excellent customer service is the cornerstone of every business. With Three-way Messaging you have live communication with your customers enabling you to respond to potential obstacles and frustrations ASAP and keep your customer involved and informed the entire time.

How it works

Three-way Messaging provides a clear win-win for you and your customers:

  • Your customers let you know when they may be the cause of a delay saving you time.
  • Communication with your customers is transparent and live - your customers are empowered, feel heard, and are more satisfied.

Three-way messaging is simple to use. A step or completed action in a job triggers an SMS Alert message to your customer. If they have a question or concern they can reply to the SMS Alert directly in the SMS message thread.

The dispatcher and mobile worker both see the message and can respond to the customer from within the vWork app.  Everyone stays completely informed; no mixed messages or confusion - everyone knows of potential delays and challenges and can work together to resolve potential frustrations to everyone's satisfaction.

The benefits of three-way messaging

Make sure your customers feel heard and get timely updates about their jobs and deliveries. Three-way Messaging is about completing the communication loop:

  • Customers can update you in real-time  if there is a hold up that will prevent or delay the job at their end.
  • Dispatchers can easily reschedule jobs working with the customer to agree to a new time.
  • Workers stay informed and engaged the entire time reducing frustration and enabling them to get onto other jobs.

Your business benefits from improved transparency and communication with customers. Improved timely,  relevant, and empowering customer communication through Three-way Messaging leads to elevated customer satisfaction and, in turn, improved customer retention rates. Productivity and efficiency also improve. The bottom line: customer SMS Alerts combined with Three-way Messaging improves your bottom line.

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