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Written by vWork
on May 12, 2020

Businesses all over the world are in a state of flux. Some are starting to see signs that business may resume with strict limitations, whilst others know that their journey to recovery may take a little longer.

No matter where you are on this journey or what government restrictions are mandated in your area, preparing your business for reopening and restarting service delivery should be started sooner rather than later.

Here is a list of actions specific to COVID-19 to consider before “opening your doors” again to mobile jobs:

COVID-19 health and safety measures

Each region has government prescribed measures. Knowing what you must comply with is the first step – refer to your government website for the details of what has changed.

Remember to review the capability or set up of your current software to help your staff manage the new measures. Adjust your workflows to include additional steps such as using hand sanitiser at the beginning and end of jobs. And to include an additional step requiring recording on each job who was present from the customer, so that contact tracing becomes easier, if required. There are bound to be other steps that will need to be included on a sector-by-sector basis, such as cleaning surfaces at the end of shifts.

Prior to COVID-19, many businesses had government mandated health and safety workflows to meet anyway. For example, truck drivers must complete pre-start checks on their truck before setting off each day in many parts of the world.  If these are already in place, adding another step to this workflow is relatively easy (and even better, the drivers are already used to working through this kind of task - so compliance shouldn’t be an issue).

COVID-19 contactless delivery

Contactless delivery has really come into its own – and for very good reason. Your customers and delivery workers can stay safe when a few simple, practical processes are put into place. It could be as simple as including the customer’s “safe place” delivery location  on the delivery note for the driver.

Or upping your communication with the customer about when your worker will be on-site, and what the expectations are around physical distancing. Using alerts, like email, raise awareness of what customers need to do when their item is being delivered or about maintaining a prescribed distance when your technician is on-site.

We’re all looking forward to moving forward to a “new normal” and preparing our business so that we can continue operating safely.  If you’d like to see how your business can easily manage new safety requirements stemming from COVID-19 using vWork and be up and running in hours, then let's start talking.

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