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Written by vWork
on October 27, 2020

Scheduling and dispatching hundreds of field jobs or even highly complex field jobs can at times seem like it is a dark art.

Without support, dispatchers face the unenviable task of scheduling competing jobs with different constraints and resources, managing changing customer expectations and all the while ensuring that no opportunity is missed to maximize profitability.

When you’re managing a business that delivers services in the field, it’s likely that this is familiar. More specifically challenges many field delivery businesses face include:

  • Field jobs are complex and unique, with different types, frequencies and requirements. Fieldworkers need the right information at the right time to be successful.
  • Businesses have resource constraints and differently skilled workers to assign to different job types.
  • Businesses must meet SLA agreements, regulatory requirements and health and safety obligations.
  • Businesses have a range of business tools and software that need to share relevant information.
  • Customer expectations are high.

Recently we produced a new video aimed at businesses that face scheduling hundreds of remote or complex jobs each week. Take a look at this 90 second video that highlights why growing businesses are choosing vWork as their job management platform.



Ready to dispatch more jobs faster and deliver a better service? But concerned about paying for job scheduling software that isn't flexible or one that wants you to pay for features that you won't use.

Introducing vWork.

This laser-focused job scheduling and dispatch software fits in exactly with your business. vWork is customizable to any business process, job sheet, contract or skillset. And it automates many of the daily scheduling functions. Tasks like repeat job scheduling, health and safety and route optimization are all managed by our software.

Mobile workers have all the information they need in the Android and iOS apps. And performance reports highlight where there is room for improvement.

Our off-the-shelf integrations make tasks like invoicing and sharing proof of delivery data truly seamless. And if you need to integrate with other business tools, our flexible API has a proven track record.

Using vWork, dispatchers are 60% more efficient, every job is invoiced in full and service level agreements are always met. And as you pay for the features you need; you'll never be wasting a dollar again. This powerful software streamlines field service businesses and in the process fuels efficiency, reduces costs and improves customer satisfaction.

Find out what vWork could do for your business today.


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