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Hit the Pause Button to Put a Job on Hold

Another handy feature we have recently  introduced on vWork is Pause job.  This means you can now pause any job that has started and stop the system from recording the duration of the job until the worker is ready to resume.

Pause job removes the potential for charging a customer for time not spent actual working on their job.   If your worker has arrived at the customer’s location and has completed the first step but needs to take a phone call or they need to leave for an urgent appointment, they can simply hit pause job.

Rather than billing a customer for time not spent on their job or trying to approximate the time they were away from the job, select Pause job and the job counter will stop recording the job duration. When they are ready to resume, they can simply select Unpause and the job duration will start again.

Administrators and Dispatchers can also pause a job from the Schedule and then Unpause when you want the User to continue with the job.

For full details on how to pause a job,  please visit our helpdesk.

Introducing New User Permissions Functionality

We have just released a number of improvements to vWork User permissions for Customized Quotes or Jobs. This new functionality allows you to change certain settings within a User profile so that you can decide what information you want your users to see.

You will now be able to set read only permissions for certain users, limit user’s access to job scheduling e.g. remove their ability to edit the schedule and even block certain information such as invoices.

New user permissions screen

User Permissions which you can define by user.


This new functionality means more secure job information for your business; protecting sensitive information such as invoice amount and removing the possibility of worker’s deleting or incorrectly changing job details.

For full information on how these new permissions work and how they may affect your current set-up, please visit our helpdesk for webapp permissions or mobile permissions.

If you need help with customising your permissions for workers, feel free to get in touch, we would be more than happy to help you.

In App Messaging Now Available

We are very excited to announce our latest feature – messaging. You can now chat with your workers in the field using vWork.  Here’s how it works…

vWork Messaging

First, Turn on Messaging for Your Dispatchers

On the user admin page you will now see a new permission, “Messaging Tab”. Enable this tab for all of your dispatchers that need to send or receive chat messages. (You don’t need to enable this for your mobile workers, they are turned on by default.)

vWork Messaging Permission

Once this is done, you will see a new tab in the top menu bar, “Messages”.

Now, You Can Create a New Message

To create a new chat message, simply go to the messages tab and click the green button, “Create New Message”. You can then begin entering the message information.

Select Your Message Recipients

The first thing you need to do is select the recipients of the message. There are a number of ways of doing this:

vWork Message Recipients

  • You can simply start typing a worker’s name and select it from the list. (You can add more than one if you wish.)
  • You can start entering information in the job box (customer name, template name, job no, street address, etc..) vWork will suggest jobs based on what you type, simply select the job you want and we will automatically send the message to the correct worker.
  • Finally, you can tick the checkbox for “Message All Workers”, this will send the same message to every worker in your account.  This can be useful for messages about traffic conditions, weather or other group announcements.

Define Message Subject

Once you have entered your worker information, you can enter a subject.

vWork Message Subject

This should be quite simple, just enough to get your workers attention if they are looking at a large number of messages in a list.

vWork Message on Phone

Define the Message

Finally, you can enter your message. Messages can be quite large and can include links to other web pages if needed.

Incoming Message Notification

Workers can also reply, but can also create new messages to your dispatchers. These will only be seen by dispatchers who are logged in to vWork. Look for new messages in the top menu bar under messages.

vWork Unread Message Notification.

Latest App Versions Only

Please ensure that your mobile workers have all upgraded to the latest version of vWork, as messaging is only supported in the current version of the app.

If you are using Android devices, you will need to upgrade to Android 4 or later in order to get the latest version of vWork.

If you are using iOS devices, you will need to upgrade to iOS7 or later in order to get the latest version of vWork.