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Report Quick Links

We are always trying to make vWork faster and easier to use. One of the things we have noticed is people wasting too much time trying to find a report for one specific job. The report filters are great for finding all the jobs for a certain day or worker or customer (or any combination of the above) but sometimes you just need quick access to a specific report.

We have solved this by adding quick links to the invoice and status reports at the bottom of the job editor for every job in vWork.

Simply go to the jobs tab and search for the job you need. You can search for almost anything: customer, worker, status, address, job number, notes, etc…

vWork Job Search

Once you find the job, open it and look for the new report links at the bottom of the page…

vWork Report Quick Links

Allow Your Customers to Postpone Jobs

There is nothing worse than driving all the way out to a customer,  just to find out they had forgotten you were coming and aren’t ready for you. Wasted time, Wasted fuel, lost work, it’s bad any way you slice it.

We have introduced a new alert to help solve this problem. You can send this alert to the customer when the job is assigned to the worker, when the job is accepted by the worker or simply a few hours before the job is due to start. Simply tick the box below allowing the customer to reschedule the job.

vWork - Allow Reschedule From Alert

When the customer gets the reminder email, it tells them when the jobs is scheduled to start and gives them the option to postpone the job if they need to.

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 9.45.08 am

If they click the button in the email to postpone the job, they are taken to a web page where they can suggest a new time.

vWork Postpone Job

If they choose to postpone the job, we will remove it from the worker’s schedule and move it to the workbench at the time suggested by the customer. We also send a push notification to the original worker so they know the job has been removed from their schedule. At this point, a dispatcher needs to confirm the new time and if necessary assign it to a new worker.

Postpone vWork Job

Jobs can be postponed by the customer up to 30 minutes before the scheduled start time. We do not allow them to postpone any later than that as there is probably a worker on the way already.

New Alerts

Over the past few weeks, we have introduced a number of new alerts to vWork. All of these alerts can be found on the Alerts page in the reports section of vWork.

We have introduced a new time based alert, this can be sent a defined number of hours before a jobs scheduled start time to remind the customer or the worker that the job is scheduled to begin.

vWork Time Based Reminder

We have always had the ability to send an alert when a new job is created. However, it is now possible to further refine when you want an alert. You can now choose from: All Jobs Created, Jobs Created by Customers, or Jobs Created by Workers.

vWork Job Creation Alerts

This new option allows you to be alerted on just the jobs you want rather than every job created in the system. Remember, you also have the ability to filter these alerts by template, worker or customer…

vWork Alert Filters

We also allow you to send a reminder to the customer with an option for them to postpone the job, but more on that tomorrow…