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Written by vWorkApp Support
on September 10, 2011

Infographic for vWorkApp's McCarthy case study Here is a small infographic of the McCarthy Transport case study posted on this blog about one year ago. This case study demonstrates some of the benefits of vWorkApp dispatching software to a logging company.

vWorkApp’s dispatching software helped McCarthy Transport organize their dispatching efforts. All of their dispatching efforts became more efficient and less frustrating to the staff with the implementation of vWorkApp.

One of the biggest benefits of vWorkApp to McCarthy transport was vWorkApp’s real time push notifications.

For example, at the beginning of his day, a trucker might receive a schedule that was made the night before by dispatchers. However, the trucker’s schedule could get changed many times throughout the day.

Perhaps there was a problem with logging supplies, trucking operations, etc. The trucker would need to call the dispatcher to let him know about these complications. The dispatcher then needed to spend time notifying everyone via phone calls, the radio, etc. A lot of time was lost manually changing each individual’s schedule and notifying the team.

That’s where vWorkApp came in.

With vWorkApp, the scheduler and truckers communicated hassle-free. The real time push notifications notified others immediately when anything came up. The entire mobile team and the dispatchers got their jobs done more efficiently than ever before. And that’s one reason that vWorkApp helped give McCarthy Transport 99% more staff satisfaction.

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