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Written by vWork
on September 05, 2018

Does your team have the tools it needs to succeed?

The transport industry is competitive, making operational efficiency essential to commercial success. Most of your team is out of sight and spread out, making it difficult for managers to coordinate teams, let alone spot and fix inefficiencies in processes. But not having good visibility over everything makes it easier for your workers to make mistakes and for those mistakes to go unnoticed, creating a dangerous cycle of inefficiency.

The right technology in place can enhance productivity and customer satisfaction. workforce management (WFM) software solves these problems for busy mobile businesses - in this blog, we explain how.

Common issues for transport businesses

While all transport businesses have their own unique challenges, there are common frustrations hindering productivity:

  • Lack of visibility into field worker productivity
  • Insufficient data to forecast effectively
  • Labour-intensive manual processes
  • Slow reporting systems hindering strategy
  • Human error in task tracking, scheduling and more
  • Inefficient routing and fuel consumption
  • Lack of collaboration between back office and drivers

If any of these sound familiar, you might be ready to embrace WFM technology to streamline your people and processes.


Benefits of WFM software

Equipping your team with WFM software improves coordination, enabling you to optimise field resources and improve accuracy across all departments. If your drivers have access to the right information and slick communication with the back office, you’ll see happier staff, customers and improved business insight.

Linking teams together with one app that can be accessed anywhere, any time, you’ll see improvements across all operational tasks. workforce management software can have an immediate impact on workflow with the following benefits:

Automation: WFM software streamlines activity both inside and outside your four walls. Automated planning and scheduling capabilities means your team can adapt to changes throughout the day, avoiding missed opportunities while improving productivity.

Optimise resources: Dispatch and best routing directly impact your profitability. Minimise drive time and fuel expenditure with tools that predict, schedule and track your drivers and resources. Sending valuable people, resources and deliveries to the wrong place or via the wrong route is a quick way to diminish your bottom line. Efficient, intelligent dispatch is a fast and effective way to boost productivity and prevent revenue leakage.

Coordination: WFM software gives you visibility into each complete job lifecycle, including equipment, labour, returns, contracts and invoicing. You no longer have to rely on paper-based systems or multiple office applications to pass customer and project information from department to department. This eliminates space for human error and speeds up communications between teams so more work can get done on time, on schedule and on budget.

Reporting: Using disparate systems makes reporting a slow and painful process. But you need accurate, clear data if you want to keep improving productivity. You need to see where the weak spots are in your operations and take full advantage of opportunities. WFM software tracks your people, resources, billing and more. This gives you a wealth of data that previously had to be physically passed along in paper form or at best, emailed, uploaded and crunched by humans. Setting up custom reporting makes analysis easier and faster so that you can make smarter operational decisions.


Working with vWork

vWork has built-in features to address the challenges your operations faces every day. It’s been designed for ease of use, maximum visibility and streamlined processes:

Real-time worker visibility: Your dispatch team is alerted with real-time emails and texts whenever your drivers update their status or job progress, allowing them to get assigned and move to the next job faster. You can even give customers access to the portal so they know when to expect you.

Capture data in the field: Capture time spent, step completion, customer signatures, photographs and job information from your drivers in the field. Digital data capture means fewer keystrokes, fewer errors and no more shoe-boxes stuffed with paperwork. Save time and money across field resources and back-end support.

Easy to use: If you can use a smartphone, you can use vWork. We built our software with simplicity in mind so that all users can be up and running fast.

Maximise efficiencies and drive added profit in point-to-point transport

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