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Written by vWork
on April 23, 2020

The current Covid-19 crisis is driving businesses to reinvent themselves. “Pivoting” is the process of substantial business change, both in models and go to market strategies to help maintain business viability. And whilst these moments of reinvention have existed for an age – like when Starbucks moved from supplying coffee machines and beans to actual coffee houses -  we’re hearing about many businesses that are moving into adjacent markets or even are in the process of developing entirely new revenue streams as a result of the current crisis.

Customers who once were fresh fruit and vegetable wholesalers selling produce to large institutions like university colleges and halls of residence, are now packaging up their produce into family sized boxes suitable for contactless delivery.  Or ride sharing companies pivoting to offer contactless deliveries. There was an example of a skate park in the US pivoting to make skate ramps for customers to use in their driveways. Examples of this kind are heart-warming!

When your core business relates to service delivery or physical product delivery having software that manages job scheduling and dispatch that can be tailored exactly to your new business delivery model takes away just one of the headaches around working out whether a new “pivot” is viable. We’ve been lucky enough to see some customers move into what was previously regarded as non-core service and make a huge success of it –  largely because of the people they have in their business, and partly because of choosing job scheduling and dispatch software that has a customizable horizontal approach to its fundamental design, rather than choosing vertical specific solutions.

vWork software was designed from day 1 to be as flexible as possible – the templated design and extensive API means that our software fits in with how you run your business, both in terms of process and business tools. And because vWork is dedicated to job scheduling and dispatch only, our feature list is extensive. However we know that this isn’t for everyone, so we’re happy to let you unbundle the software and just buy the features you need (and therefore pay for what you need, rather than all features).

Get in touch if you’d like one of our specialists to demonstrate the flexibility of templated job scheduling software, that will allow you to pivot. Our money is on businesses needing to pivot a number of times over their lifetime – not necessarily due to a pandemic though, thankfully.

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