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Written by vWorkApp Support
on June 13, 2011

Scott McLeod from McLeod Cranes is delighted with how vWork is enhancing workplace safety.

“Last week we had our ACC Audit. The results arrived today. McLeod Cranes achieved a recommendation for secondary accreditation. Which is awesome and meets our goals. One thing that really stood out in the audit however was vWork - specifically the ability to customise the job to the client. From the audit:

The new vWork system has been developed to allow employees a step by step process for identification and management of hazards. A lift plan is formulated for each job and generic hazards identified and highlighted for the job. If the client has any additional requirements and/or any site specific hazards are not generic then they are added to the job plan. Generic hazards identified in smaller jobs include people, powerlines, terrain etc.

vWork had a great impact on our audit. Thanks again.”

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